Bloodhound Puppy vs Kitten,(Duke ,Tigger)

The epic fight of Cat vs Dog continues, who will be the victor, and who will go home defeated ? Well neither will be the victor or be defeated, Duke and Tigger are best buddies.

Peek-A-Boo! Cat in a Suitcase

Cat hides in a suitcase and reaches out to attack a pen that I am rubbing against the zipper. Boots was about a year old in this video. I’d just gotten back from summer vacation. He was watching while I unpacked my suitcase, and as soon as it was empty, he jumped right in. He’s about four now, and this is still one of his favourite games.

Funny cat vs. Funny dog – Love each other?

Funny Cats vs. Funny Dogs. Who’s the Tolerant one? Best Dog and Cat Video Footage – “Wait til’ the End for the Cat look” – Chance Buell’s great pets! Comedy. Funny Cat and Crazy Dog.