The Truth About Pet Health Insurance

When 6-year-old Labrador Retriever, Misty, went in for a routine spay, she didn’t recover as expected. Transferred to a University Veterinary Teaching Hospital, it was discovered Misty had a very rare complication of her spleen, requiring its removal. During the 10-day period to save Msity’s life, she receive 26 units of plasma and 9 units […]

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Pet insurance may save money, but owners should do homework

According to the AVMA, U.S. dog owners spent $19.1 billion on canine health care in 2011 and cat owners spent $7.4 billion, but only 6% of dog owners and 3% of cat owners have health insurance coverage for their animals. “[Pet] insurance is so inexpensive that it is crazy to not have it,” said Tobi Kosanke, who has a variety of animals covered including parrots and geese. -More-

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