Is Your Cat Shedding Again?

If you share your home with a cat, you know all about their shedding and finding their hair on your clothes and furniture. How many cat owners haven’t seen a frisky ball of hair cavorting across the floor just when company drops by? Shedding in our cats is a normal occurrence and we all know about the many tricks to remove cat hair from our clothes when we are getting ready to go out! If the shedding of your cat seems excessive you may want to check with your veterinarian to rule out other reasons for this hair loss.

Seasonal shedding is normal. The best way to keep this excess hair from clinging to your clothes or furniture is to brush your cat and remove the hair before your cat leaves it on you or your sofa. Hair balls can be another result of your cat shedding its hair. When your cat grooms itself, the loose hair is swallowed and hairballs can be formed. These are unpleasant for the cat and also unpleasant for us to find on our carpet or bed. The best way to keep shedding under control is to brush our cats regularly. My own cats really like it when I groom them; I use the Furminator because I have found it to be the ideal tool to quickly and easily remove the loose undercoat.  The Furminator removes the undercoat without harming the top coat of my cats. With regular grooming, I don’t have to worry about my cat shedding again.

Furminator: The Terminator Of Pet Hair

Terminate pet hair and dander floating around your home by grooming your pet with the Furminator! Long haired or short haired, cats or dogs, you will be amazed at the amount of hair the Furminator removes from your pets. This truly amazing tool was developed by a professional groomer and now it is available for us “at-home groomers.” Removing more than 90% of your pet’s loose hair, the Furminator will help the pet lover’s with allergies by reducing the number of allergens released.

I first saw the Furminator used by a local groomer and could not believe the amount of hair that he had removed from one small dog! This unique tool efficiently removes the loose undercoat without harming the top coat of hair. When using the Furminator, circulation and hair growth are stimulated giving your pet a genuinely healthy hair coat.  A remarkable tool, the Furminator is guaranteed to work better than any rake, comb, or brush. Use the Furminator on your cat to help eliminate the amount of hairballs she leaves for you to find. Use it on your dog and greatly reduce the amount of hair on your furniture.

The Furminator is available in small, medium and large sizes, and now there is even one available to use on your horse. How small or large your pet may be, there is a Furminator waiting for you.

If you are ready to terminate the pet hair and dander that is drifting through your home, try the Furminator; you won’t be disappointed.

Shedding – The Nemesis Of Pet Owners

Shedding is the nemesis of anyone who has a dog or cat living in their home. If there is one reason many people do not own a pet, it would have to be the disgust of having pet hair on their furniture and clothing. My sister and brother-in-law are not pet owners and are totally grossed out when they visit their daughter’s home. My niece owns two cats, and there is always cat hair on the sofa, which really bothers my sister-in-law when she visits. The reality is that pets shed; some shed more than others, but with the proper grooming tools, pet hair on your clothing and furniture can be diminished greatly!

There are many wonderful grooming tools available to pet owners.  With regular use, your clothing and environment need not tell people that you own a pet. One tool that has quickly become my favorite for removing large amounts of loose hair very quickly is the Furminator. This tool comes in three different sizes; the newer version called the Furejector actually has a button to quickly release the hair so you never even have to touch it! Both of these tools remove as much as 90% of the shedding hair with very little effort.  In a minimal amount of time, your pet will be looking great and so will your furniture! These awesome tools work well on dogs or cats, so with a little effort shedding need not be the nemesis of pet owners anymore.