The Best Kept Secret in (Healthy) Dog Treats

Safe, healthy dog treats are a rare breed these days it seems. In many years of working in the pet industry, many dog treats have crossed my desk: Here, try this and your dog will love them. These are the tempting lines that come along with dog treats when companies want me Dexter to try […]

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Funny Cat and Dog Playing

Our cat playing with our dog. We love watching them and bet you will too! If you like funny cats, or funny dogs this will make you laugh. Dog vs cat video. Not they are not fighting. Keywords puppy, kittens, cat, dog, pet, funny, playing.

Funny cat vs. Funny dog – Love each other?

Funny Cats vs. Funny Dogs. Who’s the Tolerant one? Best Dog and Cat Video Footage – “Wait til’ the End for the Cat look” – Chance Buell’s great pets! Comedy. Funny Cat and Crazy Dog.