Halloween Safety for Pets

Everyone loves to have fun for Halloween  and sometimes we want to include our pets in our festivities, but we must be careful because our pets can be “spooked” by all the noises, strange costumes and visitors coming to the door. Plan ahead and if your pet is one to bark at every visitor or try to bolt out the door, then confinement to a back bedroom may be warranted. Make sure your pet has proper identification such as an identification tag or microchip, and there are also new GPS Trackers for those frequent escape artists. harem

Halloween has the highest incidence of lost dogs, injuries from car accidents, and accidental poisonings than any other holiday. Halloween also has an elevated number of dog bites to children and people the dog is normally social around. You are responsible for controlling your pet and protecting him from escape or biting the little ghouls and goblins that come knocking at your door.

Costumes can be scary for pets, too. Be careful that your dog won’t be scared or try to attack the stranger in the costume. Some dogs may not recognize some one with a mask or large hat and  it can confuse your pet or  trigger territorial instincts even if they are normally very familiar with that person. My dog Jake, did not like the Monster that swallowed my son and tried his very best to pull the costume off my son. We had to take our son with the costume in a bag to his friends house to change and go trick or treating. We also tried to put a costume on Jake, and he did not tolerate that well either. Some dogs love it and some dogs loathe it. Chocolate Poisoning

If you want to dress up your dog for Halloween, make sure your dog is comfortable at all times. Do not use any costumes that use rubber bands or can constrict circulation or breathing. Be watchful for any toxic paints or dyes. You may want to dress him up a few days earlier to get him used to the idea rather than wait for Halloween when all the excitement is at its highest. Do not leave your pet unattended with the costume on. He may try to chew it off and can choke on it or have it cause an obstruction in his intestinal tract.  If your pet is uncomfortable in any way, get a quick picture, then let him “Trick or Treat” in his “birthday suit”.
Once your child returns with their goody bag, be sure to place the treats far out of reach of your pet. Chocolate is toxic to dogs and pets are known to eat the goodies; wrappers, sticks and all. Also, watch your treat bowl. An unguarded bowl with goodies is tempting to your pet.  Nothing ruins a Halloween festivity than a trip to the animal emergency hospital with a sick pet.
Halloween can be fun for you and your pet with a little planning and safeguarding your pet against escape, injury or poisoning.

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Furminator: The Terminator Of Pet Hair

Terminate pet hair and dander floating around your home by grooming your pet with the Furminator! Long haired or short haired, cats or dogs, you will be amazed at the amount of hair the Furminator removes from your pets. This truly amazing tool was developed by a professional groomer and now it is available for us “at-home groomers.” Removing more than 90% of your pet’s loose hair, the Furminator will help the pet lover’s with allergies by reducing the number of allergens released.

I first saw the Furminator used by a local groomer and could not believe the amount of hair that he had removed from one small dog! This unique tool efficiently removes the loose undercoat without harming the top coat of hair. When using the Furminator, circulation and hair growth are stimulated giving your pet a genuinely healthy hair coat.  A remarkable tool, the Furminator is guaranteed to work better than any rake, comb, or brush. Use the Furminator on your cat to help eliminate the amount of hairballs she leaves for you to find. Use it on your dog and greatly reduce the amount of hair on your furniture.

The Furminator is available in small, medium and large sizes, and now there is even one available to use on your horse. How small or large your pet may be, there is a Furminator waiting for you.

If you are ready to terminate the pet hair and dander that is drifting through your home, try the Furminator; you won’t be disappointed.