Save on Pet ID Tags

Happy Halloween!

We hope you and your pet will have an outstanding holiday and since Halloween is one of the holidays that risks your dog escaping and getting lost, we will have our Pet Tags on sale for Halloween.

Swing by the clinic and we can engrave your tag while you wait and we have coloring books and candy for your trick or treater.

If you want to try out our new on-line store, enter the code Spooky in the coupon code to get 10% off the pet ID Tag and we will slip it in an envelope and mail it to you with out a shipping charge.

We also have some pet costumes in stock and we welcome your pet pictures of them in Halloween costumes to post on our facebook page.


We will be closing at 6 pm on Wed. so our staff can take their children Trick or Treating.



“Animal Practice” TV Show Cancelled by NBC

As a veterinarian and an animal lover, I was looking forward to watching the new comedy on NBC  “Animal Practice” , but after watching just a few episodes, the only redeeming factor on the show was Crystal, the Capuchin monkey. Many veterinarians cringed and the inept portrayal of the medicine aspect of the veterinary hospital leaving us wondering who the veterinary technical adviser, if any, was on the show. With the shows like CSI, ER, House and other medical shows, great attempts were made to keep the medicine somewhat believable, but the veterinary scenarios presented on “Animal Practice” left many of us veterinarians scratching our heads and asking “Where did they come up with that?” I hope that if any network does try to get another animal show going, that they make at least an attempt to portray the veterinarians, the medical scenarios, treatments, surgeries and the practice of veterinary medicine in a more accurate light. I had high hopes for such a program as well as many of my animal lover friends. I guess I will have to go back to Benji and Lassie reruns to get a worthy animal lover show.

Debra Garrison, DVM


NBC Cancels “Animal Practice”

Monkey Business on “Animal Practice”


What is your favorite animal show?

Safe Halloween Tips for Pet Families

Halloween can be a fun family event, but can be a dangerous holiday for your pet. Here are a few safety tips to help you through the holiday.

Keep your pet inside

Some dogs can be overwhelmed by all the little visitors coming to your door and ringing the door bell. Also the costumes can be scary for your pet. It is their natural instinct to protect their “pack” from strangers and you do not want any of your little trick-or-treaters to get hurt.

Contain your dog

Some dogs will need to be confined to a separate room to limit excitement or injury. If taking your dog outside, be sure he is on a leash at all times.

Act normally

If your dog does seem anxious, continue to act as normal as possible. By giving your dog extra attention to try and reassure them, it will actually re-enforce the behavior and communicate to the pet that there is something to worry about and will result with increasing the anxiety rather than calming them.

Wear ID Tags or Microchip your pet

Just in case your dog does get loose, you will want to make sure he is wearing a current ID tag or is micro-chipped so he will more likely to be returned to you. We now have an ID tag engraver and a large selection of ID tags in stock at the clinic. We can custom engrave a tag for your pet in minutes.

Help your dog get used to costumes

Expose your dog to the costumes your kids will wear before the big day. Allow them to sniff them and let your kids model them so they will get used to them with out  all the excitement. Avoid wearing masks around your dog because that can scare them even more.

Costumes on your dog

While some dogs are used to being dressed in sweaters or dresses, a lot of dogs do not like it. Do not wait until the big night to try your pet’s costume on. Start several days to weeks early and put the costume on when there is not a lot of excitement and watch them closely.  If your dog is still not used to wearing his costume, a colorful bandana or his birthday suit will have to do. We have a great selection of dog costumes in stock at the clinic and a larger selection at our website

Keep the treats away from your pet

Candy – especially chocolate or the artificial sweetener, xylitol – can make your dog very sick resulting in a trip to the Doggie ER. Some dogs have been known to devour the candy haul, sticks, wrappers and all. Keep all candy well out of reach of your pet in a pet proof container.

Fire Safety

Keep candles and lighted pumpkins away from your pet and never leave a burning candle and your pet home alone. A swishing tail is all it takes to knock over a candle and set your house ablaze or injure your pet.

With a just a little preparations and keeping the the actions of your pet in mind, your Halloween will be a fun night rather than a nightmare.

Go Texans Day at Treaschwig Veterinary Clinic

The staff of Treaschwig Veterinary Clinic showed their support for the Houston Texans with Go Texans Day.

Pictured center is Dr. Debra Garrison with Heather, Diane, La Nay and Tamara.

We now have Houston Texans dog I.D. Tags in stock that can be engraved in our office for your pet so your pet can also say Go Texans!