Save on Pet ID Tags

Happy Halloween!

We hope you and your pet will have an outstanding holiday and since Halloween is one of the holidays that risks your dog escaping and getting lost, we will have our Pet Tags on sale for Halloween.

Swing by the clinic and we can engrave your tag while you wait and we have coloring books and candy for your trick or treater.

If you want to try out our new on-line store, enter the code Spooky in the coupon code to get 10% off the pet ID Tag and we will slip it in an envelope and mail it to you with out a shipping charge.

We also have some pet costumes in stock and we welcome your pet pictures of them in Halloween costumes to post on our facebook page.


We will be closing at 6 pm on Wed. so our staff can take their children Trick or Treating.



Go Texans Day at Treaschwig Veterinary Clinic

The staff of Treaschwig Veterinary Clinic showed their support for the Houston Texans with Go Texans Day.

Pictured center is Dr. Debra Garrison with Heather, Diane, La Nay and Tamara.

We now have Houston Texans dog I.D. Tags in stock that can be engraved in our office for your pet so your pet can also say Go Texans!

Horse Halloween Costumes for Kids

Halloween is just around the corner and I have added fun animal costumes for kids including this adorable corduroy horse toddler costume, as well as pet costumes and Halloween party supplies to our new store,

We also have some pet costumes in stock at the clinic. All proceeds from the website benefit the clinic, so take a moment and check out the costumes. Feel free to leave comments and send your friends.

The Pet Portal Online Store is Now Active

Now you can order prescription refills, food, and other items for your pet directly from us on the ‘net, at any time of night or day, for delivery right to your doorstep.

Welcome to the Treaschwig Online Store!

Buying pet-related products from our practice is easy, convenient and secure when you shop our Online Store. What’s more, you can rest assured that these products come from a reliable and trusted source.

Simply click on your “Pet Portal LOG IN.” Once you log in, click the “Shop Online” menu tab to get started.
Pet Portals are FREE personalized websites that are private and secure where – besides accessing our Online Store, you can:

  • View your pet’s health information
  • View your order history
  • Request appointments
  • Post photos of your pet
  • Search our extensive pet-health library
  • Log on today and discover the benefits of managing your pet’s health online!

Pet Portal Now Open

What can I do with my Pet Portal?

• View pet information • Request appointments • Receive important medical alerts and clinic news • Post photos of your pets • Order prescription refills • Create and print instructions for petsitters or kennel staff • Access reliable information on a wide range of pet health topics • View vaccination history • Request email reminders about when to give your pet’s medication • Shop our online store

How can I get a Pet Portal?

It’s simple! Just give us your email address and we’ll email you a password and link to our hospital website. To get your Pet Portal, simply click on the link to our website, select “Pet Portal login,” and enter your email address and assigned password. It’s that easy! As part of the Pet Portal service, you also have the option of receiving your pet’s service reminders by email. We use email to contact clients about important practice and animal health news, such as updates to our services or product recalls.

Activate Your FREE Pet Portal Today!

Inclement Weather Early Closing

Due to the icy weather, the clinic will be closing early on Friday and will be open on Saturday, but to be on the safe side, please call the office before heading over. 28-1443-2626

Emergencies, please call the Emergency Clinic at 281-446-4900.

They have re-located to just north of Deerbrook Mall

Santa Proof Kits

For any pet parents that also have young children at home, I have a limited number (9) of Santa Proof Kits available at my clinic.  We will be open tomorrow morning until noon if you would like to purchase  a kit. We also have some dog stockings and dog Christmas gifts in stock for your last minute shopping.

  • Santa’s Authentic Sleigh License Dropped accidentally by Santa on his way out of the house.
  • Santa’s 1st Place Ribbon Award Hung on the tree by Santa for “The Best Decorated Tree” in town.
  • Santa’s Glove and Glasses Removed and accidentally left behind on the table while Santa was enjoying his milk and cookies.
  • Santa’s Thank You Card Gold Embossed thank you card Santa left for the snacks he enjoyed while at your house, signed by Santa himself!
  • Complete Instructions On how to create the Perfect “Santa Was Here” scene for even the most skeptical believer!

We will be closed Saturday for Christmas and will be back Monday morning at 7 am

For any emergencies over the weekend, you can reach the Emergency Clinic at 281-446-4900.

Their new location is behind Deerboork Mall on Birchridge Dr.

Build a Bear Workshop has Christmas Pups, Kittys, Bears and More for Fun Gifts

Santa Pals Black Lab

From Build a Bear Workshop, meet the Santa Pals black Labrador. There is also a Jack Russell, Yorky, Husky and more dogs and cats that you can personalize with Christmas clothes or other accessories and make a perfect gift for a little boy or girl.

Happy Thanksgiving!

My staff and I want to wish you and your family a Happy Thanksgiving.

The clinic is closed Thursday through Sunday for the holidays. If you should have an emergency, the North Houston Veterinary Specialists are now open 24 hours and can be reached by calling 832-616-5000.

They are located at 1646 Spring Cypress Rd, Ste. 100 in Spring, TX 77388


Tips for avoiding the Pet ER for Thanksgiving-

  • Limit the table scraps and do not feed bones to your pet. Changing the diet or feeding fats can cause upset stomachs, vomiting or diarrhea
  • Do not feed the following foods at all: Chocolate, raisins, grapes, raw dough, macadamia nuts, garlic, onions, sugar substitute xylitol, and alcohol.
  • If you have visitors, please ask them to keep their prescriptions out of reach of your pet. Pets are curious and have been know to get into purses and luggage and eat the medications, bottles and all.
  • Although poinsettia plants have gotten a bad wrap for causing poisonings in pets, they really are not toxic but can cause vomiting if ingested. Mistletoe, ivy and other houseplants are more toxic.
  • Use shatter proof balls on your Christmas tree.
  • Keep your pet from drinking the water if you are using a fresh tree.
  • Watch the electric cords and keep them from chewing on them.
  • Tinsel and ribbons can also be choking hazards to your pet.
  • With visitors going in and out, it may be best to keep the dog in the back bedroom to prevent escaping out the front door.

Love Animals? Then you will love these Animal Baby Costumes

I came across these costumes when building out my Halloween Store. They are by designer Tom Arma  and are available through my website Each year Tom Arma creates new designs and they are produced in limited quantity. Best to order early because the most popular designs sell out fast. The costumes also come with a stuffed animal for the child. Leave a comment if you like these costumes too.