Cute Chihuahua Puppy Calendars


Chihuahua puppies are teeny bundles with lots of energy. Small yet feisty, they hold their own with the rest of the dog population. The range from the tea cup to a little larger size and can come with short or long hair. Every chihuahua lover should have a calendar to brighten their day.

Chihuahua  Calendars


Schnauzer Puppy Calendars on Sale

Schnauzer Puppies 2012 Wall CalendarSchnauzer puppies are just bundles of energy. These adorable puppies will put a smile on your face and start your day off right every time you check the date. Get one for your home or office.

Schnauzer Puppies 2012 Wall Calendar

Kitten Calendars On Sale Now

Whether perched on a stone wall or inspecting yet another flower, these busy little felines are captured exploring the garden from sunrise to sunset. Ready to pounce and play each month, this irresistible collection of kittens will warm your heart all year long. A great way to start your day is to see a cute kitten on your daily calendar.

Kittens 2012 Wall Calendar

Very Cute Puppy Calendars

Full of innocence and wonder, puppies are a joy to hold. Puppies are wonderful friends that lift our spirits daily.What could be more irresistible than sleeping puppies? Hundreds of them!! This daily calendar is perfect for dog lovers everywhere.

Puppy calendars