Dental Health Care for your Pet

Caring for your dog's teeth

Your pet’s dentistry will improve your pet’s health by removing the plaque, tartar and bacteria inside of your pet’s mouth. You will notice better breath.
When your pet comes in the hospital for his/her dentistry, we will examine your pet for any other underlying problems and we recommend a complete blood count and blood profile to screen the internal organs for any problems. Your pet will then be sedated and an IV catheter placed to administer fluids to maintain blood pressure and medication administration during the anesthesia. Your pet is on an oxygen machine with inhalant anesthesia and monitored by a pulse oximeter. The mouth is then examined for tumors and the extent of dental disease. Dental radiographs can be taken to examine the roots and problems beneath the gum line. The teeth are then cleaned with an ultrasonic scaler. Very loose or severely infected teeth are extracted. Deep periodontal pockets are then infused with an antibiotic gel. The teeth are then polished with a special paste, treated with a flouride foam and finished with Oravet dental sealant. Your pet is also given an antibiotic injection and depending on the severity of dental disease and any extractions a post-operative pain injection. Your pet will be sent home with a follow-up round or antibiotics, and if necessary, pain medication. Oravet is also recommended for you to apply to your pet’s teeth weekly to reduce the amount of plaque returining to your pet’s teeth. Home dental care is vital to maintain a healthy mouth.
Home dental care includes daily brushing, special chews such as CET and Greenies, dental diet, oral rinses, and Oravet. Please ask our staff for suggestions that both you and your pet will accept.

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