Have a Happy New Year

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I hope everyone had a great Holiday. I was blessed with a weekend with my kids and grandkids. Debra with Jaelyn and LondonHeather and Bird came up and brought Jaelyn who will be 3 in February and London who just turned 1. Dawn and Matt also joined us before they headed off to California. Dawn is the music director for the Conroe High School and Matt for the Willis School District. The Conroe band will be marching in the Rose Bowl Parade tomorrow morning on New Year’s Day. They will be band number 53, so if you are watching the parade, keep an eye out for them.

The clinic will be closed this weekend for the holiday and we will be open on Monday.

We closed early today, but before I could slip home, we did have to do an emergency surgery on Taz. Taz came in just before we were headed out not feeling well. Dad had given her a ham bone yesterday and thought that may be what was ailing her. A cursory exam revealed an enlargement in her belly. I wasn’t sure if it was from the ham bone or something else, but after taking some radiographs and an ultrasound, we discovered that Taz had some stones in her bladder and a few of the stones had slipped down into her urethra and plugged her up like a cork in a champagne bottle. (Since it is New Years I thought that description was aprapro).

She was not able to urinate and her bladder_stones_1bladder was distended and the urine was backing up into her kidneys causing her kidneys to start shutting down and toxins were building up in her body. Being New Years Eve, it was too late to try to find a surgeon for her and she definitely couldn’t wait, so Tamara and I sent everyone home, locked the front door, turned off the phones and got to work on Taz to remove the stones from her bladder and urethra. We flushed over a hundred smaller stones and I had to massage the larger stones out of her urethra and flush them out of her bladder. The surgery went well and Taz will be staying at the clinic for a few days until she is up and eating and can urinate on her own.

Taz’s surgery reminded me of all the other holidays and birthday’s I had to stay late for emergency surgeries. One year, an Irish Wolfhound got into some antifreeze on New Year’s Eve, and we had to spend all day on New year’s day giving her some alcohol as the antidote while we counted inventory.

Then there was the C-section I had to do on Good Friday, and a pyometra surgery I had to do on Heather’s birthday. precious

But the new Christmas puppies I get to see like Precious, make up for all the late nights and extra hours.

I want to wish all my friends and pets a wonderful New Year and I guess I will see you Next Year.

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