SPCA ,City of Arlington and North Texas Humane Society Control Seize over 12,000 Exotic Animals

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Raid at Exotic Animal Complex in Arlington found hundreds of snakes, rodents, lizards and other exotic animals dead, starving or in deplorable conditions. Many were still stacked on top of one another in shipping crates without food or water. Estimates of over 20,000 animals including small primates, rodents and spiders were housed at the complex.

As of this morning 12,000 animals were recovered by the SPCA, City of Arlington Officials and members of the North Texas Humane Society. One respondent reported over 2000 iguanas were already dead and there were still more to be found.

A hearing will be held in 10 days to determine if the animals will be returned to the owner or left in custody of the animal shelters. Read more from the news by clicking the link below.


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