Is Your Cat Shedding Again?

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If you share your home with a cat, you know all about their shedding and finding their hair on your clothes and furniture. How many cat owners haven’t seen a frisky ball of hair cavorting across the floor just when company drops by? Shedding in our cats is a normal occurrence and we all know about the many tricks to remove cat hair from our clothes when we are getting ready to go out! If the shedding of your cat seems excessive you may want to check with your veterinarian to rule out other reasons for this hair loss.

Seasonal shedding is normal. The best way to keep this excess hair from clinging to your clothes or furniture is to brush your cat and remove the hair before your cat leaves it on you or your sofa. Hair balls can be another result of your cat shedding its hair. When your cat grooms itself, the loose hair is swallowed and hairballs can be formed. These are unpleasant for the cat and also unpleasant for us to find on our carpet or bed. The best way to keep shedding under control is to brush our cats regularly. My own cats really like it when I groom them; I use the Furminator because I have found it to be the ideal tool to quickly and easily remove the loose undercoat.  The Furminator removes the undercoat without harming the top coat of my cats. With regular grooming, I don’t have to worry about my cat shedding again.

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