Treat Your Dog’s Teeth With Doggie Dental Treats

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When rewarding your dog, why not treat him with dental treats? Treating your dog with dental treats will not only seem like a reward for Rover but it will also help to clean his teeth and gums. My own dogs really like the Greenies dental treats. When they hear me open the bag they are right there with toothy smiles on their faces. The Chihuahuas, the Border Collies, and the St. Bernard all clamor to get their Greenie. I feel good giving them these treats because the dogs love them, and I love the fact that I am helping clean their breath, their teeth, and their gums. Greenies are available for the smallest member of the pack to the largest.

My dogs also love the taste of rawhide. CET Hextra Premium Chews have combined antimicrobial chlorhexidine with rawhide in a tasty chew for all sizes of dogs. Dental health in our dogs is important because studies have shown that plaque buildup on teeth has been connected to heart and other organ disease. Affecting 85% of adult dogs, periodontal disease causes bad breath, tooth loss, and pain. Good dental health for dogs can be as easy as brushing your dog’s teeth using a dog toothbrush and doggie toothpaste. This dog toothpaste tastes good to your dog and comes in several flavors; best of all, it will not harm them if they swallow it. For all of these products and other doggie dental treats, go to Soon your dog will be smiling his delightful doggy grin.

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