Pet Carriers Carry Your Pet In Safety and Style

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Pet Carriers keep your pet safe and secure when traveling. Many pets have been hurt or fatally injured when they jump from a moving vehicle. With a wide variety of pet carriers available, we can keep any size or type of pet free from harm when traveling. Tying a dog with a leash in the back of a vehicle can be dangerous to him. If a dog should jump out, it could result in serious injury or even death if the leash is too short which strangles the dog. Using a pet carrier is much safer and also provides a secure place your pet can feel comfortable in. Pet carriers are quite comfortable for your pet, especially when you add a favorite blanket or toy.

The Petmate Vari Kennels are made of durable, hard plastic with wire vents and a secure latch. These kennels can be used at home for your pet to sleep in and can be taken with you to keep him safe when traveling. Some pet carriers look like beautiful handbags.  When carrying your pet in these handy pet carriers, no one will even know your pet is with you. When your work or vacation plans make it necessary to travel by air, you can purchase an airline approved pet carrier with a steel frame, heavyweight canvas shell with an included removable, washable cushioned mat. These pet carriers work well for smaller dogs or cats, even iguanas, ferrets and rabbits. So next time you travel, keep your pet safe in an approved pet carrier.

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