Dog Gates – Teach Your Dog To Stop At The Door

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Dog gates can prevent your new puppy from destroying the house while you are away. Until your dog is trained, keep him confined with an easily installed dog gate.

Giving your new puppy the run of the house is not a wise decision. New puppies need set boundaries much like a small child would. Until your puppy is old enough to understand where he should go to the bathroom and where he shouldn’t, it is important to keep him contained. If you do not have a dog crate to assist you in housetraining, a dog gate can be installed to keep the puppy from going to areas of the house where he cannot be watched. Not only will a dog gate help with house training, it may also prevent destructive behavior by keeping the puppy in one area when he cannot be with the family.

Pet gates come in different styles and materials. Free standing wooden gates require no installation and can expand to fit larger halls or doorways. For the smaller pet, there are metal gates that can be installed in a doorway and are low enough to step over. There are also metal walk-through gates with extensions, again if you need to close off a larger area. Some gates use a one touch method to open them, making it easy to pass through them. Wall mounted dog gates are easy to install in a stairway to prevent your puppy from going to another level of the house. With many dog gates to choose, you are sure to find one to help you contain your dog.

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