Cooling Bandanas Just For The Dog

With the coming of summer comes the possibility of heat stroke in our dogs. Dog cooling bandanas may help to prevent our dogs from becoming over heated and help them to stay cool in the heat.

Outward Hound Cool-it Bandana - LARGE
Outward Hound Cool-it Bandana – LARGE

Although panting can help dogs stay cool, some dogs don’t want to slow down long enough to cool themselves off. For these dogs there are dog bandanas, a fun way for us to dress up our dogs and help them beat the heat too. Dog cooling bandanas come in different styles and colors. Cool-it Bandanas help cool your pet and are stylish as well! The non-toxic polymer crystals inside the bandanas readily absorb up to 30 times their weight and help keep your dog cool for hours. To use these bandanas, soak them in cold water for several minutes or, to extend the cooling time, simply put them in the refrigerator before using. The crystals inside the bandanas swell when wet and help your dog stay cool for several hours. These cooling dog bandanas are also hand washable. We know ourselves when we feel overheated what a cool bandana placed around our neck does for us. It immediately helps us feel cooler and it will work the same way for our canine friends.

When the temperature soars and dogs cannot find shade or be in a cool environment, help them keep their cool with a stylish fun dog cooling bandana. For this dog cooling bandana and other ideas to help your dog stay cool, visit 

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