Watch a Fluffy Albatross Chick Grow Up on Our Newest Cam

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It may not seem like nesting season to most of us, but it is for Laysan Albatrosses in the Hawaiian islands. Our Bird Cams began streaming the action from a nest on Kauai last week, just as a little gray-and-blond chick emerged from its shell. By July this chick–which weighed less than a glass of water at hatching–will grow into a bulky brown-and-white bird with a nearly seven-foot wingspan. To raise their chick, the two parents will range across the Pacific, traveling as far as Alaska or Japan to bring back meals of digested squid. The camera captures incredible details of the birds’ plumage–including the soft, almost airbrushed shading of the adults’ faces and the frizzy down of the chick. Watch the cam (If you see a dark screen, bear in mind that dawn in Hawaii is at around noon Eastern time, or 9 a.m. on the West Coast.)

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