Pittsburgh police dog has ‘difficulty’ after surgery following Lawrenceville stabbing

Rocco, a Pittsburgh police dog stabbed Tuesday night in Lawrenceville, underwent two surgeries and multiple blood transfusions Wednesday, and a veterinarian described his condition as “considerably more stable” though still critical. “There’s a lot of uncertainty. It doesn’t mean he won’t be well, there’s just a lot of uncertainty,” said Anthony D. Pardo, co-owner and surgeon at the Pittsburgh Veterinary Specialty and Emergency Center in Ohio Township. Police said a man they were trying to take into custody Tuesday on four outstanding warrants plunged a knife into Rocco, going through 6 inches of muscle, Mr. Pardo said, then pushed it 3 to 4 inches deeper, lacerating the dog’s kidney and causing major blood loss. By Wednesday night, police spokeswoman Diane Richard said, “He is still

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