Find Urine Accidents Easier with New PeeDar

PeeDar -Pet Urine detectorJust like CSI, you can be the urine detector with the PeeDar.  This ultraviolet flashlight utilizes advanced technology to identify urine stains, biological fluids and and other stains that are not visible to the naked eye.

The PeeDar is powered by 3 AAA batteries (not included) and small enough to carry with you on your travels to Hotels. (However, I am not really sure I really want to know the state of my hotel room.)  The Blacklight LED lamps emit light in the range of 365-370nm and in a darkened room the stains will illuminate with a lime green to pink  fluorescence.

The fluorescence is even strong enough to highlight ringworm on cat’s hair better than the $200 model that most veterinarians use.

Use the PeeDar to detect urine accidents in the house that your nose can detect, but your eyes will miss. Simply darken the room and hold the detector close to the area you are searching.  Once you identify accidents, you can utilize an odor neutralizer or a shampoo to clean the carpets or upholstery. Do not take your pet back to the spot and scold them or rub their nose in it.  They cannot connect what you are scolding them for and the act they committed previously.

I am currently using the PeeDar in my veterinary hospital and I do recommend this product for my clients to help identify accidents in their homes. You can get your own PeeDar on

Pet Urine Detector Black Light Flashlight: PeeDar – Latest Precision UV LED Pee Finder Tool. Cats/Dogs/Other Animal Stains. Multiple Uses E.g. Home Improvement, Outdoors Scorpion Hunting. 365nm To 370nm Finds Invisible Urine Fast. Lifetime Guarantee!

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