Mosquitoes Abundant after Hurricane Ike-Tips on Mosquito Control

Mosquito Facts

With the abundant rain from Hurricane Ike, mosquitoes are breeding exponentially. Besides being a nuisance, they spread disease to both humans and animals. They also transmit heartworms to both dogs and cats. Here are a few facts and tips to help you decrease the population around your yard.

the name is Spanish for little fly. There are 3000 different kinds of mosquitoes and a worldwide population of 100 trillion!! Most are in tropical climates, but there are mosquitoes in arctic and desert regions.

They can fly up to 10 mph, dart between raindrops and even fly backwards. Most live and die close to where they hatch, but some are strong flyers that travel many miles in search of a victim.

Only female mosquitoes bite. They require a blood meal in order to develop eggs to make more mosquitoes. Most female mosquitoes lay their eggs on standing water. Stagnant ponds, ditches and fresh or salt water wetlands are favorites, but even a few tablespoons of water in a flower pot or old auto tire will do. The eggs hatch, become swimming larvae, then pupae and finally flying adults. Mosquito larvae are an important source of food for certain fish, birds, bats and other animals. To reduce Mosquito infestation we recommend using the following products  Mosquito Bits or Mosquito Dunks.

Place the Mosquito Dunks in areas with standing water, such as ditches, or ponds. Also, dump out anything that is holding water in your yard to prevent more mosquitoes from breeding.


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