“Animal Practice” TV Show Cancelled by NBC

As a veterinarian and an animal lover, I was looking forward to watching the new comedy on NBC  “Animal Practice” , but after watching just a few episodes, the only redeeming factor on the show was Crystal, the Capuchin monkey. Many veterinarians cringed and the inept portrayal of the medicine aspect of the veterinary hospital leaving us wondering who the veterinary technical adviser, if any, was on the show. With the shows like CSI, ER, House and other medical shows, great attempts were made to keep the medicine somewhat believable, but the veterinary scenarios presented on “Animal Practice” left many of us veterinarians scratching our heads and asking “Where did they come up with that?” I hope that if any network does try to get another animal show going, that they make at least an attempt to portray the veterinarians, the medical scenarios, treatments, surgeries and the practice of veterinary medicine in a more accurate light. I had high hopes for such a program as well as many of my animal lover friends. I guess I will have to go back to Benji and Lassie reruns to get a worthy animal lover show.

Debra Garrison, DVM


NBC Cancels “Animal Practice”

Monkey Business on “Animal Practice”


What is your favorite animal show?

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