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Dynatrap Insect Trap -1/2 Acre The Original Insect Trap


Mosquitoes in Houston are a fact of life. We are used to encountering them in the morning and again in the evening, but the introduction of the Asian Tigris mosquito has changed the ball game. This particular mosquito is aggressive and doesn’t care what time it is or whom she bites. She will feed on dogs, cats and people. This mosquito has adapted to our environment and is responsible for the spread of heartworms across the United States in our pets and may also now carry the West Nile Virus.

One item that I have been using now for several years is the Dynatrap Mosquito trap and it has significantly reduced the mosquito population in my yard and I live on 7 acres. I have one on my front porch and one on my back porch and I no longer have to swat the mosquitoes as I leave for work in the morning or come home at night.

The DynaTrap offers 3 way protection – first, two UV fluorescent bulbs produce inviting, cozy, warm light to attract insects. Then the TiO2-titanium dioxide coated funnel works with the warmth of the light to produce CO2 — irresistible to mosquitoes and luring other flying insects into the DynaTrap. Finally, a whisper quiet fan — quiet, yet powerful — traps insects into the retaining cage. It does not use insecticides, so it is safe around your family and pets.

There is also an indoor model to place in your house to catch the lone mosquito buzzing in your ear. By the way the one that buzzes is the male. He buzzes to attract the female but he does not bite. It is the female mosquito that must take a blood meal in order to lay eggs. It is during the blood meal that diseases such as West Nile virus and Heartworm larvae are excreted in her saliva and then are injected into your body.

It took a week before I noticed a significant reduction, but now I can walk out the door without a swarm of blood suckers waiting for me.  It cannot protect you from every mosquito but it will reduce the population dramatically. These traps are available at Amazon, Sears and Home Depot, but if you order through my link above, the clinic will earn a small commission.

Other ways to help reduce the mosquito population is to remove any standing water around your home. It does not take a lot of water for the mosquito eggs to hatch and the larvae grow and develop.

Also be sure that your dog and cat are on an effective heartworm prevention every month all year round. The mosquito season is year round in Houston.

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