Dogs in the News – Dog Rescued from Frozen River Bites Anchor Woman during TV Interview


Max, a large Dogo Argentino was chasing a coyote across the icy Smith Reservoir in Lakewood, Colorado on  Tuesday, when he fell into the water. A West Metro firefighter, donning a wetsuit, braved the chilly waters and pulled the dog to safety. The rescue was captured by the SKYFox helicopters.  Max and the fireman were being interviewed by KUSA anchor Kyle Dyer on Thursday, when Max suddenly bit her on her face as she leaned in. Prior to this point, Max had been friendly. Kyle was taken to the hospital and has undergone reconstructive surgery on her face.

This tragic incident does bring home the warning that any animal can bite at any time. Max did give a warning snarl before the bite but there was little time for the anchor woman to react. Even professionals that work around animals on a daily basis can still be caught off guard and receive the painful bite from a dog or cat. There are certain signals that dogs do display before a bite and there are ways to approach dogs to avoid a confrontation. All parents should teach their children dog bite safety. A previous post on avoiding dog bites will help you to understand how to avoid dog bites.

Max was being evaluated at the Denver Animal Shelter where he will be quarantined for 10 days to ensure he does not have rabies, the shelter’s director said.

“Kyle is concerned about the viewers who may have been watching the interview and wants everyone to know she is okay.”

Let this be a lesson to all of us to be more careful around dogs, especially dogs you do not know well and are in unfamiliar settings.

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