How to get multiple hunter pets, Funny WoW bug (Patch 4.0.1 live)

Most funniest bug i have ever seen in WoW. Hunters could get infinite amount of pets using this. This was recorded 25.10.2010 in patch 4.0.1 live. It’s probably going to get hotfixed soon so enjoy it while it lasts =D The song at beginning: Alice In Chains – Heaven Besides You Check out this another funny bug how to get multiple vanity pets:

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  1. FurrZoneWorld says:

    fail in duel XD you win 😀


    Music suited the game perfectly – thumbs up great vid

  3. ravageone1 says:

    @MA1ROU dude was uit really epic? like in bg that would be way to epicso many stuns and shit again GOD it wouldve been epic my god dude my god my god this is epic did u rule the bg lol? hahha how much did it heal u?

  4. TheDbrky says:

    @doritofishify So what? Its still hilarious.

  5. PlanetGaminglolz says:

    Does it go away if you log out?

  6. MA1ROU says:

    @PlanetGaminglolz yes

  7. JB4NEV3R says:

    the reason I quit this game is because its time consuming and the music is so boring it makes me want to fall asleep, training is really boring, the sound effects are cheap, overall it’s just stupid

  8. ColetZee says:

    did this work in battlegrounds? if so it would have been AWSOME!

  9. runeadolfsen says:

    @JB4NEV3R as a former wow gamer i must that the only thing i miss is the music, i think it F’ing Epic

  10. SxEfx says:

    i heard there’s a thing called your own music… hard concept to wrap your 10 year old mind, I know

  11. JB4NEV3R says:

    @SxEfx uhm shut up I know but you can’t have your music on full screen because every two minutes you have to change the damn song.

  12. Pook365 says:


    ” training is really boring”

    What training?

  13. Subsub1995 says:

    @JB4NEV3R Wut iz dat buttun that repeets songses, iz it repeat maybe?

  14. lightldogg says:

    dude you most go throw a lot of food at the end of the day 😛

  15. HoppermanMr says:

    i quess at you win lots of fights in pvp 😛

  16. AndrewJBright says:

    how do you have multiple pets? is it possible to carry more than 1 at lvl 17? because whenever i dismiss a pet and try to tame a new one, it says i have too many; and i dont want to abandon my old one….

  17. kikohoff says:

    what’s the AddOn that makes the spellcasting bar cool ? 😀

  18. MA1ROU says:

    @kikohoff Quartz 🙂

  19. Lukaz432 says:

    epic !! :))

  20. StraightIsTheNewGay says:

    you should’ve raided a city

  21. runeguy277 says:

    will u get banned for doing this?

  22. MA1ROU says:

    @runeguy277 atleast i didnt get banned

  23. MarcineKKK says:

    lol very nice discovery!! 😀 gz does it still work?

  24. m0nsen93 says:

    GO ARENA???????????? :D:D:D:D:D:D

  25. Thastorcyclone says:

    gotta love old durotar music =)

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