LPS Idol #2

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new channel: www.youtube.com This time, two contestants, Roger Rogers the pug and Reese the chick, audition for a chance at becoming the next LPS Idol. The singing is done by me. For Reese, I used a program to make the voice a bit higher so it would sound like a little girl singing. (The song is called Spell by Marie Digby.) Sorry if the audio is a little bad, my microphone isn’t the best.

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  1. KoolFlowerPower says:

    7:15 if you want to hear sophie singing but with a little higher pitch.

  2. ayraofwinter says:

    I LUV that little bird that’s singing!! She almost made me cry!

  3. BeccaN28 says:

    @Webkinzforeva1223 🙂 LOL

  4. sophiegarrettt says:

    @lpslamb No, sorry, because it’s my voice…

  5. sophiegarrettt says:

    @rubberwoman1991 Aww thank you 🙂

  6. horselover8421 says:

    I love your singing!!! U sound AMAZING!!!! I sound horrible. U can see for yourself in my singing video. I LUV YOUR VIDS

  7. Allycat217 says:

    i started singing along at spell , this series never ever gets old my fourth time watching it . Are you going to ever contuin it?

  8. starfire958 says:

    you are a great singer

  9. theroxyfilms says:

    you r a great singer!!!

  10. shanfouire says:

    is it u singing

  11. PikachuAndEeveeRock says:


  12. Fluffysnowballkitten says:

    sees reese come in insantly yells YOUR GONNA GO TO HOLLYWOOD!

  13. theLpsuperfan333 says:

    i watched this series for like 555555555555555 times and i tottaly love your vids good enough to be on tv!!!! U ROCK!!!!!!!!

  14. Neverfearluc says:

    lol fred says u suck lol

  15. awesomegirl122100 says:

    look at roger!

  16. lpsrocks100001 says:

    omg u sing very good

  17. animations4stuff says:

    your singing is awsome if you did resse’s voice
    you should totaly make a fourth!
    (also ive subbscribed to both channels and ive been waiting awhile for lps popular ep 7 2 come out for a while)
    on other notes this is my sisters account!

  18. missmolly43 says:

    I knew it I mean it totally sounded like your voice and I absouletly loved you singing and the song

  19. annabellahoneycomb says:

    i love singing but you are much better. i made me cry! 🙁

  20. mtmcguire1 says:

    i hav rogger

  21. FatMooseProductions says:

    Omg lol sage & Brooke! They are like soooo acting stupid.

  22. lpslamb says:

    its okay ill use but….can i do borrow the push up part plz

  23. punkprincessAM321 says:

    OMG! u sing SOOOO well!! I luv u soooo much! <3
    Sub back!!

  24. bknock68 says:

    is that you singing for that lil chick bird thing?

  25. fantagekaylee1 says:

    LOL DROP DOWN AND GIVE ME 50,* zac drops alice * YES SARGENT 1,2,3,4,5