LPS Idol #1

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The judges spend so much time arguing that only one contestant actually gets the chance to sing! If you haven’t watched some of my other videos, this may not be as funny because you have to understand the characters. Please read: You may feel free to make your own LPS Idol because I’m not the first person to have made it; however, please do NOT use the logo I worked very hard making. Thank you!

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  1. turrtleperson789 says:

    i love ur vids

  2. scoutgirl4444 says:

    LOL! Ryan Seacrab!

  3. scoutgirl4444 says:

    Hey Zac?
    Yeah Alice?
    Shut your face.
    Ok Alice.

  4. scoutgirl4444 says:

    I love how this goes with CSI LPS, like how he says:
    “You kidnapped my neice, Crystal!”
    “So? Bailey and Woodson saved her.”

  5. Fluffysnowballkitten says:


  6. 6JacksonloverMichael says:

    Lolz… Zack i <3 him!
    I <3 the childkidnapper .
    I <3 them all!! This is soo good Sophie please make LPS Idol # 4 Please
    I <3 the part You kidnapped Crystal And kidnapper says : So, Bailey and Woodsen save them!
    I love that totally <3

  7. scouthouseluv says:

    where did u get the table????

  8. LpsAngelicDemon says:

    is it alive!?
    the camera?
    thann how can it hear me?!

  9. animations4stuff says:

    you did you son of a

  10. animations4stuff says:

    i know i loved it when zac turned around and yelled buissness man!

  11. animations4stuff says:

    he turned and said businessman

  12. LPSshopgirl123 says:

    OMG! brooklyn is empty headed? AND SHES ON IDOL?! screams

  13. firejewel099 says:

    omg! brooke!? shes so dumb!!!!!!

  14. LPSshopgirl123 says:

    Alice: oh my dog you son of a b…. Zc: BUISNESS MAN! booot camo guy. brooklyn, and killer stare at zac, Zac: what? i dient want her to say the opther word! LOLx100!

  15. LPSshopgirl123 says:

    theres children watching!!

  16. BaymarDolly123 says:

    I LOVE SCAMPS!!!!!

  17. BaymarDolly123 says:


  18. sheepyang2003 says:

    Scamps is soooooooooo cute he is even cuter than my pet goldfish.

  19. krazyjoel1999 says:

    hey,i am like ur biggest fan any ways i cant wait till u make lps:popular episode 7 please make it i cant wait any longer pppppppplllllllllllleeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaassssssseeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. mermaidbren says:


  21. SugarDustLuv says:

    i think alicexzach XD it would be a cute couple to bad sophie probaly wouldnt do that lol

  22. bestLPS says:

    sophiegarrett, i have a request for you!!!!!!
    my request is:
    please show your face on the camera! i’ve always wanted to see what you look like!
    i imagine you being really pretty!

  23. namnum100 says:

    i like it!:) 😉

  24. fantagekaylee1 says:

    where do you get the cricket?

  25. AquaCat430 says:

    haha ryan seacrab