CSI: Crime Solving Idiots (Episode #4)

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All episodes of Crime Solving Idiots can be found here: vimeo.com new channel: www.youtube.com

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  1. singuleristwo says:

    omg this is weird but im not saying its bad its just strange

  2. TerraGarettt says:

    the penguin is adorable

  3. 2002cookiedoughlover says:

    you rock sophie! love the vid!!!!!!!

  4. glittergirl115 says:

    lol zac and scamps MY FAV!!!

  5. ThePowerOfPie100 says:

    “AH! AH! AHH! AHHHHHHH! oh hi alice. you scared me.” XD
    lol i love zac.
    and scamps of course 😉

  6. xapurplemonkey2712 says:

    alice- gasp its nate the manager!
    zac- oh yea, brittney killed him.
    lol i luv how zac got all used to it and its not even a big deal to him he is so stupid

  7. Mystery4you44 says:


  8. LPSgirl551 says:

    Lol. We meet again, UGLY. OMG so funny!

  9. IsabelleGrubb says:

    third ep. i lauhed soooo hard at Zack!!!

  10. Seagem10 says:

    oh my gosh! I forgot to wipe my butt!

  11. Seagem10 says:

    i dont want to go to jail like paris hilton!
    Youll be in jail much longer than paris hilton!

  12. maggieLPS says:

    “Ahhh! Ahhh! Ahhh! Oh hi Alice, you scared me”. xD

  13. ageovlove says:

    Is the 5th one out?

  14. nguyentnq says:

    me too! zac is stupid in a cool and funny way!!!

  15. 6JacksonloverMichael says:

    I don’t find your Video on vimeo.com
    Please send me the video! thank you Sophie

  16. hdawnr says:

    Cool stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. animalfun108 says:

    are you going to make more ‘crime solving idiots’ movies?

  18. mitzie54 says:

    Paris Hilton actually DID go to jail.

  19. jessieflower11 says:

    why did he forget to wipe his but?

  20. bdaygirl88 says:

    I love this series can you make more.

  21. chalkgirl24 says:

    lol paris hilton went to jail? how long?

  22. savannh551 says:

    zac is really retarded and supid andfor the frist time he actrlly made sencse.

  23. LpsAngelicDemon says:

    he is an idiot soo..
    who know’s

  24. hayl97 says:

    Thats is sooo funny i fell off my chair. especially when scamps was talking a no one heard what he was saying.

  25. hayl97 says:

    @6JacksonloverMichael just clicke the link in the description box.