Funny Dancing Animals

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Lets party!!! These raccoons are in the moog for dancing.

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  1. achivemore says:


  2. ZcoreyZ says:

    You win a cookie and become a loser for the rest of your life. lol just kidding.

  3. locologan187 says:


  4. 420Ave says:


  5. funnycityPTV says:

    after 100 times it is stil funny

  6. lukejd87 says:

    my version of this is a lot better… this song is awful.

  7. 54spiritedwill54 says:

    one of the best videos

  8. FlirtyKatyxx says:

    great video!

  9. NoBoBoNoBoN says:


  10. JayFord629 says:

    LOL wow

  11. xxxckyprincess16xxx says:

    lol that`s cute & funny at da same time

  12. bikerboy3k says:

    i cant keep watching my stomach hurts..i watch it every day its incredible xD =))

  13. bikerboy3k says:

    the ones in the back are making out xD

  14. lovebasil says:

    WTF are they doing???

  15. majorferret says:

    they are doing the “sour mash stomp”

  16. gunnoblast says:

    this is there version of a strip club.

  17. csgrambauer says:

    I just love watching these kinds of videos. Funny animal videos RULE!! 🙂

  18. Leaheah says:

    Itchy and Scratchy show… Too cute

  19. FangnclawX says:

    lolz I think the coons in the back are having 3some

  20. xmoonXcricketx says:

    What is the name of the song? Could someone message it to me, please?

  21. matiasg72 says:

    nice move hahahaha

  22. trollgirl101 says:


  23. RedneckGirl13LRM says:

    lol this is so funny

  24. allosh2287 says:

    BAHAHAHAHaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa………………. the end lol

  25. kbaby735 says: