Our pet Hedgehog, Orion

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Super Sonic: Yeah, didn’t expect this did you? Since i moved in with a friend of mine, we’ve been taking care of our pet hedgehog, orion. Cute lil’ guy, ain’t he? Hes a bit huffy sometimes but generally doesn’t hurt anyone. I’m only the half owner though… Shad: I’m the official owner. Hey, I was in the other video. I did the drawing shadow speed up. Blah, blah. Enough of that tiny description. The reason why we didn’t name the bugger “Sonic” because it’s over-used. I wanted a refreshing name. Generally his name means little mountain dweller, and it’s Greek. If your worried about the tube being in the cage; don’t be. It’s typically fine. When there’s a object caught at the opening, generally he would take it by stuffing his head in and bash it around drastically. Sometimes he would just leave it there and mess around with it, yet he doesn’t allow it to be on too long. Hedgehogs are smarter then they look! XD

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  1. narutorunescape98 says:

    MUNCH!MUNCH!MUNCH lol whats he eating anyway?nuts?just asking

  2. SuperSonicSanctuary says:

    Kitten food actually. XD Though hes grown old enough to eat regular cat food now.

  3. kennishacarter says:

    i cant wait to get mine for christmas!!! the name im going to name him has something to do with pinoccio (mispelled)lol

  4. kennishacarter says:

    may i ask what type of cage that is?… thnx!

  5. SuperSonicSanctuary says:

    Just a big, plastic container box pretty much. the bigger the better for em- they do get to be pretty big in size and need alot of room to move around.

  6. BoBPresents says:

    Aw what an adorable babe! Looks like my beautiful boy Boq who died of cancer last year. how he loved the toilet paper tubes.

  7. TheSceneRed says:

    too cute. i just got a pet hedgehog, any advice??

  8. SuperSonicSanctuary says:

    Uh, depends what you need to know. Sorry but could you be a little more specific?

  9. TheWhiteGecxko says:

    aww i love your hedgehog 🙂

  10. ouijaboy666 says:

    badass. How is he with worms and slugs?

  11. j11993 says:

    they always seem to find the toilet paper rolls lmao

  12. Grimripper says:

    I See a lot of comments in here that are particularly directed to cat food : )
    My pet hedgehog eats only vegetables and always seem to follow me where ever i go in my room is this a good thing or a bad thing??

  13. CraZyFuzzYhedgehog says:

    Cute hedgehog i was wondering do there quilts hurt when you pick them up

  14. SuperSonicSanctuary says:

    @CraZyFuzzYhedgehog Usually no, i you gently pick him up. Its their bite that you have to worry about more.

  15. robbyk01 says:

    dude i won’t a pet hedgehog so much

  16. CraZyFuzzYhedgehog says:

    @SuperSonicSanctuary Oh okat thx for the respond cuz i like to buy one

  17. HospitalWaste says:




  18. MustBeHighAllTheTime says:

    Damn… that little thing is munchin in the first half of the video…

  19. rjcooler says:

    Omg I wish god created a cute pet that you can squeeze them as hard as you can without them dieng!!!!!!!!!!

    Moment Of Silence for my last 3 pets…

  20. akishisen says:

    @SuperSonicSanctuary My hedgehog only ever bites if I have some sort of scent on my hands that she doesn’t recognize, or if it is some sort of food

  21. OctoberBlues89 says:

    can you touch the top? you know the spiky part?

  22. SlenderTroll says:

    I just got a hedgey for Christmas. I know you aren’t supposed to handle them during their first week, so they can get used to their cage. I am somewhat of a night owl, staying up until about 2 in the morning, but my hedgehog won’t even come out to eat or drink until it’s almost virtually quiet (no TV or computer on). Will his schedule change so I can try to interact with him. He’s a little nervous and I’m worried I wont see much of him, despite my late hours.

  23. SlenderTroll says:

    @SlenderTroll I’m not a loud person, and prefer low-volumed television, so why would my hedgehog be so afraid to come out until I’m about to go to sleep?

  24. SuperSonicSanctuary says:

    @SlenderTroll Ours has gotten used to background noise, such as ours dogs, TV and people since weve kept him in the undisturbed part of our living room. In a sense its actually made him less shy, though of coarse he still curls up and gets huffy very once in a while.

  25. corkwhore says:

    @slendertroll they typically only come out at night. An if he is In new surroundings it could take a while for them to
    Adapt. Try picking him up with a
    Towel or shirt at first so the quills don’t hurt then you can put the towel aside and play with him that’s what I have to
    Do or I get hissed at lol