Funny Cat and Dog Playing

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Our cat playing with our dog. We love watching them and bet you will too! If you like funny cats, or funny dogs this will make you laugh. Dog vs cat video. Not they are not fighting. Keywords puppy, kittens, cat, dog, pet, funny, playing.

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  1. dmcongram says:

    What are you people talking about? This is a darling video, and these animals adore each other. This is called “playing”. If the dog or cat got mad at the other it would be a much, much different video, and any idiot would know the difference. Thank you for posting!

  2. nhzanthony9 says:

    that was cute lol

  3. ronofontario says:

    U F C watch out.

  4. livingman7 says:

    Funny what did you use to get the comic book panels on your vid

  5. summonun5 says:

    the dog got raped and pwned by a cat

  6. riderzx10r05 says:

    You obviously have never owned animals!
    When an animal is lying on its back it is showing its vulnerable side of itself. Both cats and dogs do this as well as other animals. If there was any sign of aggression either way you would not see this at all!

  7. akathasamurai says:

    Very well-edited.

  8. southpolethehippe says:

    Song name is “Making Me Nervous” by Brad Sucks

  9. mikemcmo says:

    It is clear what is clear you better won’t learn to put sentences together. Very.

  10. gangsta20089 says:

    0:55 lmaoo!! dog went into the chair

  11. gangsta20089 says:

    0:53 i ment

  12. riderzx10r05 says:

    @anonimas777 your a retard. You have no idea about animal behaviour.

  13. lamaya43 says:

    is this Beck?

  14. nipzilla says:

    two good friends horsing around the house.

  15. bjahns420 says:

    LOL I love this! I’m glad our cat and dog are not the only ones who do this to eachother and you’re right, it’s all in play! They are best buds right after =) We have a similair video up and our cat smacks the dog just like yours lol cute puppy!

  16. thenoob6 says:

    the dog got scratched like crazy and so he’s like all red now!

  17. melida120470 says:

    this is so cute, it shows cats and dog, they do get along..sometime…lol

  18. 11josepha11 says:

    what kind of cat is that? it looks really cool

  19. paultaki says:

    @11josepha11 it’s a Russian Blue cat

  20. mytube9314 says:

    @lediable1001 brad sucks- making me nervouse

  21. mytube9314 says:

    @lediable1001 making me nervous-brad sucks

  22. WretchedDrake says:

    1:07 OWNED

  23. Blacksunshine636 says:

    Haha, that is awesome. My dog and cat getting along really well too. SO fun to watch them!

  24. NoYOURtube92 says:

    1:52 – “anybody in there?”

  25. NoYOURtube92 says:

    1:50 – “anybody in there?”