Funny Kitten Hops Like a Bunny

Please subscribe 🙂 visit my website Meesha is such a funny kitten. He hops like a bunny sometimes and it’s just adorable! It’s rare that I can capture it on video though. In this video he is playing with one of his all time favorite toys, the plastic pull ring from the lid of a gallon of milk. He also loves to come snuggle up to me when he’s playing. And what’s the deal with him grabbing my knee a bunch of times while he’s playing with his toy? lol Kitty cats are so funny!

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  1. Guit4rH3roPr0 says:

    Cute 😀

  2. DSquaredDude says:

    Aww I look forward to Meesha’s adventures each day! ^_^

  3. meowmeowcat888 says:

    short socks so cute!

  4. wohtube says:

    i think this kitten has now become a cat

  5. kittycatbliss says:

    @wohtube Nope, He’s only 4 months old. He hasn’t even reached half his full grown size yet. Cats remain kittens until they reach 1 year old. And they are roughly half their full grown size at 6 months.

  6. AshlxySykes says:

    So cute! He’s growing up so quickly!

  7. brunello1997 says:

    His action was very cute!!. He seems to have a lot of fun every day. And he enjoys them very much and looks happy.^o^

  8. TheMissBliss73 says:

    Just like my cat, the simplest things can be toys! For mine it’s water bottle caps & ketchup packets.. what a cheap date 😉 what a cutie you have!

  9. Lovelycutiepie says:

    So precious, as always! :3

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