Kid gets Chia Pet For Xmas and says “That’s Not Cool, Dad!” – Funny, Hilarious!!

After having seen the “Chia Pet” commercials for the past 20 years and never having had one, I decided to get my 14 year old son a Chia Pet for Xmas as a fun gift – As usual, he was bugging me to open one present on Xmas eve until finally got his way. This video is the result.. ——————————————————————————————————– Information on the music used in this video is below – No copyright Infringment intended. “Popcorn” is a famous early synthpop instrumental, originally composed by Gershon Kingsley in 1969 on his album Music to Moog By. The same year this tune was released and recorded at Audio Fidelity Records label in New York City. It’s known as the first electronic/techno hit song in music history. In 1972, “Popcorn” was a huge hit in many countries when it was rerecorded by Hot Butter and is the most famous version of this tune. “Popcorn” has since been covered by a great number of artists. The version used in this video is the 1972 version by Hot Butter. Original Version of “Popcorn” Single by Gershon Kingsley Album: Music to Moog By Released: 1969 Format: vinyl Recorded: 1969 Genre: Synthpop Length 2:24 Label: Audio Fidelity Records, New York City Writer(s): Gershon Kingsley Producer: Herman D. Gimbel

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