Dog Cribs Parody Parody episode of Cribs. Mako rolls with potcake collars. Producer: Scott Bursa Director: Oranse Taylor talking pets talking dog talking animals

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  1. marcelo9876543210 says:

    sweet dog
    livin the rich life

  2. bigdubbdiesel says:

    haha i love it, bursa and mako runnin Ft. Lauderdale son!

  3. POTCAKEcollars says:


  4. jsmallz315 says:

    haha great video bursa! love the collars

  5. MrJumBow says:

    Aw nice video. I enjoyed this one. Thumbs up 🙂

  6. Fishnwithjoe says:

    Cool videos. Gotta luv that editing and filming.
    Thumbs Up.

  7. BetterDuckStudios says:

    @Fishnwithjoe Thanks for stopping in Joe.

  8. MattDOAman says:

    Nice, you rocked this one!

  9. NoBudgetFilmmaking says:

    Thats hard core low budget.

  10. oranse says:

    Mako had a table at Mansion for Nicki Minaj,

  11. POTCAKEcollars says:

    This is where the magic happens…

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