Funny goat of Salt Spring Island, Busted, silly old goat.

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Silly goat of Salt Spring Island just could not stay out of the chicken feeder. He is really a pet goat and in very good health. He was not harmed in this video goats have very strong necks. He is actually a very funny goat.

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  1. MostlyMinty says:

    Sorry, I like humour but I’m not amused because the poor thing could have broken it’s neck. I don’t think the goat finds it funny, would you?

  2. escapetosaltspring says:

    The turkeys thought it was hilarious and taught him a lesson for stealing their food.

  3. VandalousMedium says:

    lighten up…

  4. n2wds says:

    Now that was funny! We had goats years ago and they would do the craziest things!

  5. bj616 says:

    Lighten up and take a chill pill for goodness sakes. It’s not like there isn’t anyone around to help the goat. I thought is was funny! Great vid. Scott.

  6. rl876 says:

    BEWARE!!! One day he will seek revenge!!!!