Global Warming May Affect Your Dog’s Health

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Most people can believe that global warming affects sea levels and cause weird variations in weather patterns, but how many would believe that the warmer weather is contributing to a deadly disease of our pets? The rising temperatures across the globe may be helping mosquitoes to survive, which, in turn, are transmitting heartworms to our dogs. Despite this dire news, protection for our friends can be found in a simple monthly tablet. Watch this video to learn more.

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  1. AgnesBojaxhiu2000 says:

    the estimate of when the melting of polar ice caps has been changing … it used to be 100 years, then 50, now 23 years … and the rushies are right .. their next estimate might be ten years … but i tell you … once the ice caps are gone, the temperature will hockey stick just like any glass of lemonade once the ice has melted … and will join the hockey stick co2 levels … just as they have been for the last 400,000 years … but the rushie neocons might be right about the 10 years

  2. tomcat1765 says:

    I think the biggest thing about this video is to realize that we are affecting much more than our own health and well being. We are affecting many species and changing balances between parasites and hosts.

  3. Hockeygoalie0892 says:

    I agree.

  4. jimsojka says:

    we use Heartgard and it works great. our vet gives us a break on our 4 big dogs.