Prison Break by crazy pet! Funny

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Maybe she likes jails! My crazy guinea pig is confused while trying to “prison break” ! Funny to see her trying to break “out” from the OUTSIDE! Or maybe she likes to be behind bars! FUNNY PET! 😀 Tags: funny pet guineapig prison break comedy jail MC2 MorphingCaesar MorphingCaesar2 Morphing Caesar comedian animal home video Wasabi Lee

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  1. giantspida says:

    This is silly.

  2. dviree1 says:

    maybe “big daddy” came? HAHAHA lol

  3. cclover31 says:

    LMAO, very funny brother.

  4. itsabomberscope says:

    man, hes welding those bars!

  5. dklhs90 says:


  6. NYCsPLAYA says:

    YEA! new vid… its been a while thanks for the upload

  7. xehanort66 says:


  8. alan26930 says:

    CALL WAZABI LEE!!!! >3

  9. 214inthehouse says:

    loool great video!!! HAPPY 420! more prank cAlls!

  10. H5lion says:

    nice pet

  11. Wannahalik says:

    More prank calls please . i luv it very much! it s me, the fan from Russia

  12. MorphingCaesar2 says:

    @itsabomberscope HAHAHAHA OMGF I really LOL’ed! 😀

  13. MorphingCaesar2 says:

    You’re welcome 😉

  14. MorphingCaesar2 says:

    Thanks bro! Make some of your dog too! 😉

  15. MorphingCaesar2 says:


  16. cclover31 says:

    @MorphingCaesar2 i will this summer bro.

  17. IstalkBananas says:

    ROFL!! how cute!!

  18. bax1231 says:

    LOL haha

  19. 300Spartan03 says:


  20. pikipirlo says:

    Ahahahahhahahahahha funny stuff dude XD

  21. SCOUSERALEY says:

    This is so shit it is funny

  22. betomy5 says:

    1:07 – 1:10 she is thinking about what to do 😀

  23. MorphingCaesar2 says:

    @ehop22 Craziest one EVER! 😀

  24. betomy5 says:

    What’s this music from 1:01 ???

  25. happybunnie6 says:

    lmao silly guinea pig lmao ^^ its too cute yet funny how its all trying to do a prison break when shes really outside xD