Funny Dog Nash Skateboarding Funny Dog Nash skateboarding and doing Tricks. Nash is a cute adorable Dog (bulldog) that likes to skateboard and do Dog Tricks. We just can’t get him off his skateboard since we bought it for him. Nash is a cute dog but we still think of him as a Puppy Dog Visit Nash’s Friend Tillman the Cat for all your Pet Supplies and much more. Music by Kevin MacLeod —

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  1. BAZHE says:


  2. rockops says:

    @BAZHE 🙂 Thanks

  3. selloutasaurus says:

    Nash is a cool dog!

  4. rockops says:

    @selloutasaurus Thanks….he’s the coolest.

  5. SonarTheCat says:

    Next step is surfing, right?

  6. sandrateager says:

    Ahhh Nash is such a darling!! =)

  7. rockops says:

    @SonarTheCat actually, Nash can’t swim. He’ll sink like a rock. So, he’ll stick with the skateboard. Maybe skydiving…hehe….

  8. rockops says:

    @sandrateager Thanks so much….just wait till you see him skateboard…he’s so funny….

  9. Sonni8089 says:

    so cute!!

  10. rockops says:

    @Sonni8089 Thanks…:)
    Just wait for part 2 of Nash Skateboarding. It’ll be up tomorrow.

  11. plebe30501 says:

    Cute !!

  12. ZiptieTheDog says:

    Nash you sure are a dog on the go. Great Job on skate board training!


    Awww love it..he’s awesome….love his helmet!!

  14. britneyspearskickass says:

    smart dog

  15. PaulieDi says:

    I love the “hat” on Nash. He’s so adorable to watch on the skateboard.

  16. rockops says:

    @PaulieDi haha…thanks…his helmet is a kneepad.

  17. MissGingerDog says:

    This is SO cute! i luv his lil skateboarder helmet!!! too cute!

  18. 4fulsealteam says:

    Does he surf too?? lol..great dog..hi Nash! Love: Rockin Robin Rox..BOOM & Mini & Dixie, the rock & roll dogs!

  19. kidowmer says:

    Wow, Nash is a pro on the skateboard..definitely better than me! Love yr cool protective gear, Nash!

  20. rockops says:

    @kidowmer Thanks…:) Safety first!!!

  21. kathleencartwright says:

    That was cool…Nash is so cute!!

  22. CDmagz says:

    give the dog a bone!
    Great video

  23. shottisnipez says:

    hehe , nice vid , check my dog skateboarong on my profile please! 😉

  24. rockops says:

    @shottisnipez thanks….I’ll check it out.

  25. spazzalman says:


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