pet raccoon

pet raccoon plaing with Stitch our Jack Russell. Raccoons name is cody,

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  1. ghostygirlmn says:

    Please take note: Wildlife animals are not pets. If you should ever find a baby, do not feel like a hero… call your local Department of Natural Resources to find a rehabilitation facility in your area. These animals are not made to live in a house. Keeping a wild animal is wrong. Thank You.

  2. EroticPleasure says:

    @cjwwetna or a “Rag” lulz 😛

  3. Sarabazzar says:

    @ghostygirlmn So your saying They should be in cages 24 hours a day? DOYOU EVEN KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT ANIMALS! animals are like pets. all you need to do is train it be nice to it. and teach it social skills. And you have your own wild pet!

  4. clownrus says:

    @ghostygirlmn While I do agree, that is not always true. In cases like skunks and raccoons, if you have them from birth they can be raised just like a dog or a cat, but not if you just find one and take it in will it become a pet. But bigger animals should NEVER be pets.

  5. mrceebees14 says:

    Roman Greco

  6. josephfoster30 says:

    Did you have the raccoons claws taken out?

  7. x0Demyx0x says:

    @josephfoster30 That would be cruel…

  8. AaronTrutsJC says:

    @Sarabazzar i want a rhino XD

  9. Applest2oApples says:

    Um, that’s not playing…

  10. cavaliersfan08 says:

    @casinthecity you wont grow up to be an adult you will grow up to be an alien

  11. cavaliersfan08 says:

    @ghostygirlmn ok you really are stupid raccoons are not wild animals there are even breeders out there so shut up about that along with skunks, squirrels, monkeys, hell even lions, tigers and bears

  12. ghostygirlmn says:

    @cavaliersfan08 if you dont think that raccoons are wild, YOU are the idiot… of course they are wild animals ya ding dong! ALL the animals you just stated DO NOT belong in houses… and breeding them for the pure pleasure of money, and exoticness is simply retarded. SURE! Lets bring MORE animals into the world! Because we CLEARLY don;t have a problem with people not ‘fixing’ their other animals! GREAT idea. Over population is FANTASTIC! KUDOS to you for being a DUMBASS! WOOHOO!

  13. cavaliersfan08 says:

    @ghostygirlmn i know they are wild but so were dogs and cats at one time dumbass, and woo-fucking-hoo you said ding dong, what are you 8? and if you tame any animal it can stay in a house, you’re a fucking idiot because the people who dont fix their animals and carelessly let their animals breed are dumbasses but u bitch, YOU, on the other hand, are a fucking idiot

  14. ghostygirlmn says:

    @cavaliersfan08 Unreal.. can’t anyone be normal? You atarted running your mouth first whom ever you are… I simply stated my opinion. And I’m getting crucified for being an animal lover? Wow. You need some serious help. I still will always believe that ‘woodland’ , or ‘rainforset’, or ‘african’ animals belong in houses. AND ABSOLUTLEY nothing you can say will ever change my mind about that. So, keep running your mouth… just shows people that you are stupid. Plus, the Cavaliers SUCK.

  15. ghostygirlmn says:

    @ghostygirlmn DO NOT BELONG IN HOUSES. Typo, my bad.

  16. cavaliersfan08 says:

    @ghostygirlmn okay maybe i shouldnt have called you stupid but i simply stated my opinion vs. yours, i do now relize i shouldnt have used strong language against you while writing those messages i was under the influence of a controlled substance which i relize is not smart and i am currently receiving treatment for. And my name is not named after the Cleveland Cavaliers its named after the Virginia Cavaliers… which also suck >.>

  17. paterson90 says:

    hello, bandit

  18. junkyarddogify says:

    Dont call yourself a animal lover what you did to that raccoon was cruel you should be locked up

  19. greendayremix says:

    @junkyarddogify who are you talking to?
    if you mean the guy in the vid, then u must mean everyone.
    why should dogs and cats be pets but not raccoons?
    and what about birds? shouldnt they be up in trees?
    ur comment has chopped logic,
    owning raccons is strange, but not cruel

  20. LostTheGameXD says:

    Its equally “cruel” as owning a dog or a cat, assuming this raccoon was raised in a domestic environment since it was very young, it will know no different
    Think before you comment

  21. casinthecity says:

    @cavaliersfan08 who the fuck are you i posted that comment a year ago. you live around in my hometown huh? where you at i wanna beat your ass

  22. cavaliersfan08 says:

    @casinthecity haha beat MY ass yea right you little pot head go smoke a bowl and kill yourself and stop cussing its not cool, how old are you 12?

  23. FreeportHometown says:

    @casinthecity SAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. bigverybadtom says:

    Generally, non-domestic animals are unsuited for housepets. Cody seems to be doing okay though. He even obeyed his mistress’s command!

  25. cookieluver61 says:

    does it have Rabies? just wondering.

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