dillan funny pet armadillo playing

Dillan the armadillo playing. She is a joy in our lives. I do NOT recomend exotic pets to unexperienced owners. Local and State laws need to be researched as well as an animal’s needs and behaviors.

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  1. equinevetmed says:

    she really enjoys smelling shoes

  2. equinevetmed says:

    armadillos are insectivores. They also reproduce by naturally cloning the oocyte; dividing it into quintuplets producing all litter of 4 that are one sex and genotype. They also can delay implantation of the oocyte into the uterus; thus delaying pregnancy when stressed. They are related to anteaters and aardvarks and are the only mammal to naturally clone!

  3. whiterabbit33432 says:

    what is the big cat litter box for does he just dig in it ?and do you put feed him in a bowel or put food in the box so he can dig?

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