armadillo pet funny dillans movie

armadillo pet check local laws before you consider one as a pet, and zoonotic diseases, local exotic vets I DO NOT recomend as a pet for unexperienced owners. armadillos are the only Mammal that does natural Cloning and produces quintuplets. Thus; All 4 litter mates are always the same sex. They can also delay implantation of the oocyte (so be pregers for months and then decide to have the babies.)

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  1. thirdromeprivate says:

    guy, why haven’t you helped him with scretching :)? he was so funny.

  2. IronManOfficialguy says:

    Great looking animal.

  3. mmabumblebee says:

    Do you know if it is legl to have one of these as a pet in Texas?

  4. equinevetmed says:

    look into STATE and CITY laws as well as animal imports from APHSIS on animal imports and permits and health permits. I guarentee you need a health permit. Call the state vet and ask questions as well as the local exotic vet. It takes a lot of planning- it took about a year for me and a few unsuccessful adoption attempts from reptile rescue

  5. equinevetmed says:

    @IronManOfficialguy thanks! she is a pig and I’m really trying to keep her healthy and looking good! She gets her nails trimmed every other week too.

  6. equinevetmed says:

    @bivenspetexotics hey I used to have a hedgehog but it got mites several times and was very expensive to keep and cure. Dillan was bought from an exotic breeder that sells to zoos. I had many failed rescue attempts of adopting and also found that armadillos are hard to tame and really hard to imprint. Dillan is tame and uses the litter box but isn’t well imprinted and likes to be alone- doing her own thing. I have vet and zoo connections and the plane ride, vet and permit $ stuff adds up.

  7. MultiPeaceboy says:

    awwww!!! so cute!

  8. sindismal says:

    so you let it play in cat shit then climb into the bed?

  9. NagataTeruki says:

    The way she scratch herself like that on the wall, does it means she’s itchy or something? That’s unbelieveably cute ^^

  10. equinevetmed says:

    she was itchy at this time – instead of just dandruff like you or I get- or molting like a bird- or shedding like a dog- they loose some scales and get itchy too sometimes

  11. equinevetmed says:

    dillan dosn’t play in the litter she poohs in it. She plays by running around & she gets a bath every two days and yes she walks on my bed when I let her. she sleeps in her own cotton bedding and goes to use the litter box whenever she wants to

  12. equinevetmed says:

    armadillos have been models for studying reproduction because every time they give birth they have quintuplets naturally. all litters of all females or all males each time and from the same egg and sperm! they can also DELAY implantation of the oocyte and believe it or not they ARE mammals- & have a shell ! though their homeostasis resembles a reptile in that they get cold easily and like to stay warm (80+ )they have non-nucleated blood cells like us! (reptiles have nucleated)

  13. bignell106 says:

    ewwww kill it kill it ewww get the shoe

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