MysteryGuitarMan: How To Shoot Funny Pet Videos ► MysteryGuitarMan: How To Shoot Funny Pet Videos Rumor has it that people spend hours watching pet videos online. (Not that we’ve ever done such a thing.) Digital filmmaker and YouTube sensation Joe Penna, known online as MysteryGuitarMan, shares tips for how to make funny pet videos in HD. Cute, funny & high definition? Bring on more flying kitties, skateboarding bulldogs and dachshunds in hot dog costumes! Keywords: how to make funny pet videos how to shoot a funny pet video how to shoot the funniest pet videos MysteryGuitarMan Joe Penna

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  1. zlimajmuncek says:


  2. holycrapjesusman says:

    Hey these are very informative. and it’s cool that they chose someone like MysteryGuitarMan to talk about this stuff because he actually knows what he’s doing… but did anyone else notice that, if you put the video to 240p, you can barely notice a difference between the standard and HD at 0:20?

  3. RubenDelight says:


  4. funnyballa12 says:


  5. StigsIrishNiece says:

    REX!!!!! =D

  6. jmoodie6 says:

    Nice!!! 24th

  7. MyFlyingchicken says:

    get eddie!!!!!!

  8. fatzy9ttuts says:

    pppftt standerd and hd dont have that much of a differnce

  9. AlienLord22 says:

    @holycrapjesusman ya but then the whole video looks worse

  10. aartje9 says:

    Omg toby ♥♥

  11. lyrmatos says:

    i like your videos but im must say that is the worst camera ever i won that 1 whit a game and it just sucks name of camara Boogie

  12. charforeverbiotch says:

    @NuriWasHere oh. hhaha ^.^

  13. mrs1man says:

    you forsake your actual pet 😛

  14. stevewoods1024 says:

    LOL IM VIEWER 7,777!!!!!

  15. IvanLovesJesus says:

    Fake horse

  16. kinepolis5 says:


  17. chocolatecamera says:

    U HAVE A PONY!!??!?!

  18. MysteryGuitarMan says:

    @charforeverbiotch it was actually a mini pony!

  19. charforeverbiotch says:

    @MysteryGuitarMan really? that is so cool! i can’t believe you responded!

  20. babydisey says:

    do you really have a mini pony?

  21. Menybou says:

    Desculpe pela insolência mas deu para ver que era um plano de fundo usado para fazer o ponei aparecer.

  22. TheAlexTuber says:

    @MysteryGuitarMan YOU KNOW WHAT JOE?! THIS IS A ONE WAY RELATIONSHIP! You don’t reply to what I say to you. HMPH (me expressing my feelings) !

  23. OMGgirl1001 says:

    6 people think he should train his horse better

  24. SarahTheAmazing says:

    @MysteryGuitarMan its actually a miniature horse, not pony. 😛

  25. Firstpoke says:

    I love these videos 😀

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