Happy Thanksgiving!

My staff and I want to wish you and your family a Happy Thanksgiving.

The clinic is closed Thursday through Sunday for the holidays. If you should have an emergency, the North Houston Veterinary Specialists are now open 24 hours and can be reached by calling 832-616-5000.

They are located at 1646 Spring Cypress Rd, Ste. 100 in Spring, TX 77388


Tips for avoiding the Pet ER for Thanksgiving-

  • Limit the table scraps and do not feed bones to your pet. Changing the diet or feeding fats can cause upset stomachs, vomiting or diarrhea
  • Do not feed the following foods at all: Chocolate, raisins, grapes, raw dough, macadamia nuts, garlic, onions, sugar substitute xylitol, and alcohol.
  • If you have visitors, please ask them to keep their prescriptions out of reach of your pet. Pets are curious and have been know to get into purses and luggage and eat the medications, bottles and all.
  • Although poinsettia plants have gotten a bad wrap for causing poisonings in pets, they really are not toxic but can cause vomiting if ingested. Mistletoe, ivy and other houseplants are more toxic.
  • Use shatter proof balls on your Christmas tree.
  • Keep your pet from drinking the water if you are using a fresh tree.
  • Watch the electric cords and keep them from chewing on them.
  • Tinsel and ribbons can also be choking hazards to your pet.
  • With visitors going in and out, it may be best to keep the dog in the back bedroom to prevent escaping out the front door.
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