Funny Pictures and Faces of Boxer Dog Heineken

Our 2 yr old Boxer dog making funny faces…Which is your favorite Heine!!!

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  1. 9FallenAngel says:

    Heine is lovely!

    I also have a boxer!

  2. kampa81 says:

    Yay for Heine, he looks JUST like my dog, but she’s female. Maybe she’d like to talk to porno heine

  3. 54spiritedwill54 says:

    he s soo CUTE!!

  4. Lluvhoney1 says:


  5. junoCuttie says:

    i love ur boxer i have one named Juno

  6. samandniki1 says:

    we have a boxer that looks just like him her name is heidy we think they’re bro &sis

  7. BoxerDogStudios says:

    at 1:07 I love boxers cheeks!

  8. JazzyChopperAlistair says:

    Heineken I could just hug you!!! I am a Mommy to 3 boxers!! You are adorable Heine!!!!!

  9. 29Gixxer says:

    My boxer just turned 2 and looks identical to Heineken apart from mine is brindle.

    The drawback in having a dog is that when they go they break your heart…

  10. sambojk says:

    how can it look identical then u fuckin dunce !!

  11. charisandorlaghxx says:

    heine is adorable ,

    i have two boxers called Buster and Bruce , also i used to have another one called henry (:

  12. yestoboxerbabies says:

    Yes to funny faces!

  13. 7heAre7s says:

    did you steel my dog! It looks JUST like mine! I love my boxer ( or monkey face as I like to call him) even though he did jump up on the kitchen ledge and ate all the chicken off my dinner plate, and guess what? He left all the salad!

    Some of many names:
    -Chicken snafler
    -Jacko the smako on wako
    -Adolf (since he does a Hitler salute when he is sleeping)

    Upon many more 🙂

  14. Jennywennystar says:

    OMG looks just like our Boxer Amstel!! Love this vidoe and LOVE boxers they are the best!!

  15. beerit1 says:

    i have a boxer named boomer and he looks just like heine!! i’m away at college and being away from boomer is hard but seeing things like this makes me smile:) thanks!

  16. jsully203 says:

    best dogs ever, there all a bunch of clowns

  17. chato4567 says:

    haha fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuny

  18. singleavita says:


  19. HRTigrovi says:

    lol porno heine

  20. naughtyashley says:

    hahaha brilliant! my boxer does the pirate face all the time lol

  21. lcsmwiley says:

    Pirate Heine! Yaaaargh!

  22. xcellken1 says:

    Porno Heinie needs a mustache !!!

  23. fluffybunnyonfire says:

    my puppy Looks Just like yours! Boxers are so entertaining I love mine!

  24. rphx76 says:

    Very nice, good job!

  25. lgdstphsn says:

    Awww, Heineken! Handsome boxer, we’ve got Stella and she is a semi-flashy fawn. Our last one was Zelda aka Z-smeagol (may she rest in peace Aug.1999-Aug.2008) She was a Classic Fawn like Heineken. How we love this breed! Thanks for sharing, nice video!

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