Feeding My Pet Bass!! (AMAZING)

fed him a lizard, then a gold fish that he missed.. then bit my finger and picked him up at the end…. he’s very skinny trying to fatten him up.. www.facebook.com

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  1. SROD12321 says:

    Dude, that is the skinniest LM I’ve ever seen but so damn cute, lotsa personality. This video is about 10 months old. Is he fattened up? Did he survive the winter?

  2. ironmaidenluci666 says:

    cool man

  3. lazyswarm117 says:

    thats pretty cool. You should learn how to operate a camera though

  4. lazyswarm117 says:

    very cool.

  5. lazyswarm117 says:

    Do they live through the winter?

  6. lazyswarm117 says:

    Do the fish live throughout the winter? I wanna start my own little pond

  7. Fuckingenius says:

    you have a bass but you cant make difference between a goldfish and a xifo…

  8. casper5126 says:

    hey nice video! where did u get the lizard?

  9. bentpickles says:

    make a video of you checking your crawfish traps PLEASE!!!!!!!

  10. thewiffenpoof says:

    I think he has tape worms

  11. uio6000 says:

    to fatten him up you should put a dozen or 2 of tiny goldfish in your pond

  12. catfishhunter2012 says:

    what do u do dureing winter time?

  13. Desertegle300 says:

    great i like the bass

  14. H4CH3TT says:

    Goldfish? Try Xiphophorus….

  15. catfishhunter2012 says:


  16. juggalofisherman85 says:

    nice bass. i just got a small large mouth in my tank

  17. birdman2ns says:

    @liljsaizan i had a 6″ smallmouth that was rather timid when i first caught him this summer at 3″. he was just starting to come around, sadly he didn’t make the move last month, lance will be missed

  18. drunksmokingjurkk says:

    hi could you make a video on how you made your pond i was looking forwrd on making one or atleast tell me how much it cost and umm
    could you jsut a make a video on what it looks like it looks nice

  19. gypsyroofing says:

    the best video ever great man that is my dream what you have

  20. lordlong says:

    lol you know you can do the same thing to a wild snakehead just provoke it to bite your hand then as it leap forward move the fuck away and it’ll jump right into the boat, my shop foreman told me how he caught it by hand ahahaha

  21. AiiMBoT says:

    that bass isnt heathy

  22. SifuZeemore says:

    LOL! If it was me, I’d say “Ha-Ha, Got cha now sucka!”

  23. juggalofisherman85 says:

    cool. i have a small large mouth, a blugill and black crappie

  24. neeneeyo says:

    my bass was skinny when i caught him but i was suprised because the lake he was in was well stocked with alot of shad but he is fat now! nice bass you have!

  25. entwistle14 says:

    awesome pet bass and pond for him!!! also is that Koi in there also?

    – Jack

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