Panda (pure love) funny

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watching lun lun and mei ling relaxing on a sunny day,so cute with pure love

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  1. bendystr4w says:

    Ok the cute overload kicks in at about 1:46. :3

  2. Mom3805 says:

    OMG SO CUTE!!!!!

  3. MRMILO57 says:

    Keith nice video, thanks:-)

  4. llumemir says:

    I shared this video with my mother on Mother’s Day. This is so sweet…

  5. IcePrincness says:

    aww so precious…if only ppl could react this way to their on children…..

  6. IvyPerlitz says:

    gorgous little bundle of love!

  7. 220035376 says:

    What a pure and peaceful love between a parent and her baby.

  8. obeygiant10 says:

    im seriousley going to china and stealing a panda from the woods

  9. ladyspur says:

    Lun is such a good mommy. Wonderful video, thanks for sharing it with us. 🙂

  10. zaphireAle07 says:

    beautiful creatures i love this video
    thank you

  11. cssaiu says:

    so cute!!how pure and peaceful luv!i’m going to cry!!

  12. Crazychase156 says:

    THATS SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. pandagirl4ever01 says:

    such a wonderful vid, it’s soooo cute so it’s goin on my playlist ^^

  14. Only4Russian says:

    Love makes me feel so happy:) Thanks for sharing this with the world.

  15. mirandagmail says:

    I love the music and the affection…This is wonderful! thanks a lot..It made me relax too..

  16. mirandagmail says:

    nice’s haunting..

  17. elitajeshua says:

    los ositos perezosos!
    en vez de pandas…flojos

  18. 11wantyc says:

    Pooping panda

  19. xiaoyang2004 says:

    so beautiful love !!!!!!!

  20. paulinec100 says:

    How beautiful, especially when she wrapped her arms around her baby..

  21. laomaunkaew1 says:

    Thank q so much 4 this vid. It’s so precious & sweet + music is awesome. I just want to cry for pure love of a mother 2 her cub.

  22. deadlyfist7 says:

    Pandas Are SOOOOOOOO CUTE!

  23. MrRottation says:

    I am noy teh only mother who has suffered from The Mankind.

  24. dimseeeen says:

    put them in a cage with grizzly and polar bears. they are all bears, so they will interbreed and make ultra hybrids

  25. hambleanna8 says:

    She ate him two weeks later…