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READ THIS THE WHOLE WAY THROUGH Comment, Rate, Subscribe Favorite You know the drill. Show some love. So I’m going to unofficially kick this off! If I hit 1000 subscribers before October, then I’m going to be making a video wearing adult sized footy pajamas while singing an embarrassing song (we’ll figure out what that will be if and when this happens). So tell all of your friends! 1000th subscriber gets a shoutout of their youtube on twitter!

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  1. allaboutconor says:

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  2. xoV0LLEYBALLox3 says:

    hah (:

  3. Blipzzy says:

    Lmao that must have been the opposite of fun to clean up xD And I laughed so hard when it went “BLEH!”

  4. TheJoryj says:

    my cousin jake has the same bday as you then

  5. rainbowmango15 says:


    you have the right to shut up, and i have te right to shut you up!

  6. Lindarox1Tanesha09 says:


  7. allaboutconor says:

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  8. twilightlvr515 says:

    oh snap yo! you got the po po on you! ohhhh sh-*

  9. bnbb123b says:

    how did you make the puke it looks real

  10. BieberFanDestiny says:

    stop crussing

  11. FunnyGirlz221 says:

    who’s the dude at 1:29?

  12. ddrfreak104 says:

    hahahahahahahahah lmfao

  13. mydogsleon says:

    Dont laugh at this just do it!
    Start thinking of somthing you really want cause this is
    Astounding the person that sent this to me said their wish came true
    10 min after they read the mail so i thought what the heck
    you have just been visited by DrSuess’s cat in the hat.he will grant you one wish.
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    send this to 10 videos within the hour you read this.
    if u do your wish will come tru

  14. Beadlesfans says:

    From the side youuu look lik Ryan Butler lol 😀 xx

  15. FanOfTheTaco says:

    @BoyLiamHere whats his best?

  16. backflip123123 says:

    Haha “u have the right to shut up and I have the right to shut u up” hahaha hilarious ily Jonah

  17. pizapizo says:

    stop censoring.

  18. purplecrayonnumba5 says:

    what is the stuff that you threw at the wall

  19. bre9630 says:

    “you have the right to shut up, i have the right to shut you up!”

  20. indigosplash says:

    hey jonah whats that one song that goes on through the bloopers called? everyone seems to have that song. you, mac, jenn, alot of ppl. so whats the name?

  21. BlondeGirl1079 says:

    @indigosplash it’s a song effect on the imac for imovie thats y they all have it

  22. indigosplash says:

    @BlondeGirl1079 dang. i don’t have i mac. oh well

  23. GETTOBOMBER says:

    What did you smashed against the door? 🙂

  24. trackislife10 says:

    aww you were so adorable! haha

  25. NinjaProductions21 says:

    His Voice Is Deaper Here..Wtff lol..