Human Chia Pet Prank Call

Jared prank calls EZ-Grow…I cannot believe the guy stayed on the phone this long!! LIVE PRANK CALLS EVERY WEEK

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  1. lolalucy14 says:

    dont diss michael jackson!! HAHAHA LOL
    I love your guys show cant wait for tonight s pranks!!

  2. ImAnAwkwardNinja says:

    Finch is so calm and relaxed during the whole thing. How can he not know this is a joke?!

  3. ImAnAwkwardNinja says:

    “and it’s kid friendly so ya know, it’s all good” LMFAO.

  4. ImAnAwkwardNinja says:

    “That’s what she said” LMFAO

  5. jams0220 says:

    go mets!

  6. cardkid12345 says:

    he stayed so calm the whole time!!!

  7. stevenhamlin1000 says:

    kristin is hot
    thumbs up if you agree

  8. stevenhamlin1000 says:

    @goooooodmorning sounds like he can give a speach & you will feel everything’s gonna be okay

  9. BaillieBearable says:

    omg that is too funny….did finch really believe that….i guess it would be easy, there is some weird ass people out there…. jared pulls it off so smoothly too…

  10. Tarliacatz says:

    He was so stupid and yet so nice at the same time lol.

  11. karinan3rd says:

    he’s a genius

  12. DownloadOutOfControl says:

    at the start i thought the man was saying his name was B*tch

  13. ShameDawsomTV says:

    “It’s kid-friendly, don’t worry” lmao

  14. Qbro618 says:

    im waiting for someone to be watching the show while talking to him on the phone:)

  15. Steviecool7 says:

    I wonder where the EZ grow on the Michael Jackson chia pet grows

  16. bobisking1257 says:

    106 people missed the like button

  17. soulman820 says:

    did this guy ever realise that he’s talking about putting crap on his own head?

  18. SilentBells says:

    That girl ALWAYS looks really bored.

  19. bostonsbadass12 says:

    haha all around all around


    I would so have sexual orientations with Kristen!

  21. brainiac554 says:

    large amounts of seamen massaged into his head and kristen never flinched. lol

  22. TheProjectMJ says:

    it’ll sprout, but it won’t surviiiiive is he a robot?

  23. radiantnakashima says:

    its finch from american pie!

  24. 50CaliberGaming says:

    @goooooodmorning kinda like seananners

  25. toniv77 says:

    This guy must be completely retarded!
    Did he honestly think that call was serious?!

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