Funny Dogs 3

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The 3rd video in my series of funny dog pictures, enjoy!

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  1. Smileyscape7 says:

    what is the song caleld?

  2. japaneseblackbabe13 says:

    aaahhhhhhhhhhh! thats so cute i love the one wit da oompaloompa

  3. tamirwolfqwe says:

    so cute!!!

  4. valentinas123 says:

    i love dogs they are beter friends than men too me cuz they never agrue with me

  5. laithdaoud says:

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  6. flukaki says:

    u hav nintendo ds?if u do i have too!

  7. nic4gee says:

    00:33 and 00:58 are really funny omg!
    33 is the same as my dog but i think you are right
    homegurl35 one should not dress them!!!
    at 1:9 it is from nintendogs lol

  8. haylen says:

    who let the dogs out the best song ever

  9. rachmcho says:

    Dressung sogs up is why they bite people

  10. dawkinsgirl20 says:

    i love dogs!!! i agree with nic4gee you shouldnt dress them up. dogs arent mans best friend, there everythings best friend. my dogs play with all my cats and other animals. dogs are loyal to me and other people!

  11. callygirl567 says:

    great vidio we loved it

  12. Gw0105 says:

    omg fUNNY!

  13. superhero3651 says:

    I loooove 0:23

  14. MarcoAndEri says:

    (00/ COOL

  15. sinfulafflictionify says:

    this is sooooooooooooooooooo funny
    hey you should check mine out its name is fire burnin kid dancin.

  16. hannahmontanafan1002 says:

    I luv the batman costume!!!

  17. slomrs1 says:

    At 1:03 IS THE BEST

  18. jesusfan100 says:

    2:36 is the best!

  19. wetts2 says:

    these are my fave 0:18 cheerleader dog 0:22 praying dog new year dog 0:34 punk dog 0:38 wizerd dog 0:47 marychristmas 0:50 fairy dog 1:04 whoo!!! 1:12 hi grandpa 1:16 mom and dad 1:38 sooper dog 2:14 smelly dog 2:42 easter dog

  20. MrPunisher03 says:

    cute puppys

  21. erindg8 says:

    i like the bull dog :49

  22. masterchief3194 says:

    i didnt laugh once

  23. marklaan1231 says:

    1.04 was funny

  24. WeazleVlog says:

    1.put your hand over your mouth
    2.make a wish into your hand
    3.put your hand on your heart for 5secs.
    4. put this comment on 3 vids
    5. 2moro will be the best day of your life

  25. AlexGraphy says:

    loooll at 1:19 he is like oh shit shit shit shit shit… take them AWAT