Peek-A-Boo! Cat in a Suitcase

Cat hides in a suitcase and reaches out to attack a pen that I am rubbing against the zipper. Boots was about a year old in this video. I’d just gotten back from summer vacation. He was watching while I unpacked my suitcase, and as soon as it was empty, he jumped right in. He’s about four now, and this is still one of his favourite games.

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  1. wildreams says:

    He just want some rest:(

  2. MrJoshua2686 says:

    that was funny as hell. I like the look on his face when you caught the flap from closing. he stood up like.. um.. what just happen?

  3. paintballer3863 says:

    i want one :))

  4. brriant says:

    かわいい! でもって、うごきがはやっ! // SO CUTE!  and it move very first!

  5. DoctorVanessa says:

    This cat is simply adorable and truly comical!

  6. 0013goodnight says:



  7. bellinhavet says:

    lol! AWESOME!

  8. sharonbush2006 says:


  9. nicotinette says:


  10. xXCaoxCaiXx says:

    LMFAO THIS IS TOO ADORABLE!!! xOOOOO i wish my cat does this x3333

  11. xXCaoxCaiXx says:

    i love the ending when u decide to slowly close the lid of the suite case and he just grabs it and is like “GIMME THAT LID!!! I WANT IT CLOSED SO ME CAN PLAY MOOOOORE xOOOOO :D”

  12. angieeus says:

    So fast!!!!! ♥

  13. husky801 says:

    what a fun cat!

  14. borned4pwning says:

    Haha cats are so stupid! but I luvem

  15. zcsnow says:

    i would let the cat do that about ten times then I would put a fryng pan above the suitcase and let it smash its head

  16. Shee1988 says:

    Lol haha soo cute 🙂

  17. greatxssassin1 says:

    cat in the box

  18. Wuzzlebaby says:

    Why are cats so freaking awesome?! XD

  19. xoxoblackroses15xoxo says:

    the cat is all like “peek a boo b*tch!” lol! XD

  20. CheatMasterAOD says:

    I don’t see a cat.I see a Ninja cat

  21. anygurl88 says:

    he’s soooooooooooo cute!!! 😀 i LOVE the part where he peeks out and looks at the camera, like an assasin!:)

    ps/ how can anyone not like this??

  22. AnimeScifilover says:

    LOL =)

  23. yuzuccyo says:


  24. Mw2Gamer3212 says:

    I would zip it closed an wait a week or so. See how much he likes it then.

  25. dancergal82 says:

    omg funniest vid eva! i <3 it!

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