cute and funny greyhound birthday music video

greyhound dog shep i adopted last may 06′ .. this sa funny video i put together so greyhound welfare can see whats new! greyhound pictures and pet slideshow and dog photos

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  1. xolis1 says:

    great video…that is one happy dog

  2. youronlysecret11 says:

    what a cute dog!we have a dog that has the zoomies sometimes.his name is zeus.i also think ur dog is spoiled.but in a good way.i was laughing when ur dog showed up with the zoomies and with the bunny suit also!!!!!!!

  3. janny6 says:

    No, he is not spoiled, that’s just the way sighthounds deserve to live and be treated. We had a retired racer, Tinky, who has gone to the bridge. Now we have two Italian Greyhounds and two cats. They are all spoiled.

  4. sadiekiltsey2 says:

    I just love this video!! Great music to go along with his story. Made me laugh and warm inside to know this rescued greyhound has a wonderful life. God bless you.Great job!!

  5. tw00d153 says:

    As a Greyhound “parent” myself, I’d say he’s lucky to have you. And you’re lucky to have him, too! Great video. Thanks for the grins!

  6. bulliebaby06 says:

    This is incredibly adorable!!! Shep looks sooo happy πŸ™‚ You should check out my greyhound harley starring in a music video. It brings a smile to your face!

  7. mavious says:

    very nice video im thinking of getting a greyhound they look like nice dogs

  8. Lissy911 says:

    thats a big puppy! but still cute!

  9. OrganicWallabee says:

    Good on Shep! All dogs deserve loving homes like this. He’s a lucky dog and I’d love a greyhound too.

  10. organpipes says:

    Well you got one more owner last week! I love “micah.” Hes so easy and mellow. But I wish he didn’t need to be on a leash whenever we go outside. He only zooms when he sees a cat or a squirrel…

  11. dgisvold says:

    That was wonderful!!! I’m trying to get a video of mine doing zoomies too in the backyard – it’s great.

  12. snoopwolf1 says:

    very nice/sweet video! what a wonderful and safe life he has – keep up the great work! he is so cute too…

  13. heleen007 says:

    Such a lovely video. Your dog looks so happy.

  14. urescuegreyhounds says:

    Wonderful video!! absolutely great! You show the love that this beautiful creature of God gives and it shows how much you love him. What a wonderful life he has now. Bless you. Beth

  15. meriprem says:

    I don’t believe that animals can be “spoiled” – only the move loved they are, the more happy they are. Which seems to be the case with your sweet and loving doggie.

  16. lovesbriardi says:

    After watching quite a few videos of greys it seems most of them have the same habits, expressions and actions – all of which are marvelous. We have a 6 year old race rescue and will be getting more πŸ™‚

  17. GaDove says:

    How beautiful – I wish every single dog in the world could be ‘spoiled’ like this! Wonderful video. πŸ™‚

  18. BilkedProductions says:

    So cute! I have 3 resuce greyhounds myself. Sky, bouncer and Honey, also a whippet called Odo.

  19. annika777 says:

    Great video! I’m on my third retired racer. His name is Tango, and he’s adorable. Thanks for sharing your baby with us!

  20. LEELEEA says:

    Adorable! I live with 3 cats too and my adopted 3 year old grey, Legolas!

  21. LEELEEA says:

    Adorable! I live with 3 cats too and my adopted grey, Legolas! He’s the love of my life. <3

  22. lilmisslb says:

    just adopted 1 friday!

  23. stickercollector09 says:

    i adopted a greyhound last september

  24. anthea65 says:

    Oh what a great video.What a good life you seem to have! We have a greyhound called Emma and a cat called GInger and they get along great too. Your grey is very similar to ours in actions and expressions although a different colour.

  25. houseuponarock says:

    From crate to bed and sofa. He learnt fast.He has that “lifΓ©s good” greyhound smile. Thanx for the joy!

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